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Giant Zombie LEGO Men

After those LEGO® Ice Brick Tray to make your own pieces of iced LEGO, the Giant Zombie LEGO Men ATTACK! are great present for LEGO enthusiasts. Two models of those customizes and painted 19″ LEGO zombies were created using plastic, … Continue reading

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Track the Zombies with Google Maps

Lifehacker has a helpful how-to article: Use Google Maps To Track Zombies In Your Area. Plot the best areas for zombie huntings, plan escape routes in case things get too hot, even get on the fly directions from your house, … Continue reading

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Fashion Freak

Fashion Freak is a very funny videoclip with sexy zombie girls washing a car by Naked Ape, made by zombie duck. If you prefer, download it here. BTW, there is a curious thread at jwz – where I found the … Continue reading

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Night of the Living Dead Bunnies

What a beautiful homage to Romero’s classic: Night of the Living Dead in 30 seconds with bunnies. I bet he would love it. Plus: the original Night of the Living Dead at Google Video, Internet Archive, Public Domain Movies, Wikipedia … Continue reading

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Zombie pictures of your friends

Freakish Zombie in 11 Steps!: a nice tutorial to make zombie pictures of your friends using Photoshop. Now I need the software, a machine that support it (not mine of course) and a volunteer. Anyone? (via Quiddity) Don’t like zombies? … Continue reading

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From Zombies to Orson Welles

It has been long since I last made a post about films that are available for download or on-line watchig. It’s time to make a new one, and here it is: Public Domain Movie Torrents Public Domain Movie Torrents is … Continue reading

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Zombiewood – When celebrities die and then… undie. The rules of this game are thus: Take any image of a movie/TV celebrity and turn them into a B-movie style zombie. My sensible readers have to excuse me but I didn’t … Continue reading

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Zombie links

Via Incoming Signals two useful links about zombies: The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks, because you have to be prepare when they start the attack. Don’t forget to look the links to find more about, for ex. All Things … Continue reading

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Zombie Pinups

I love pin-ups sites, but this is new for me: Zombie Pinups – beauty & braaains. Galleries of pictures of grotesquely gorgeous zombie pin-ups as bride, bunny, cancan girl, queen of clubs, cop, cowgirl, queen of hearts, kitty, patriot, pirate, … Continue reading

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How to Survive a Zombie Epidemic

O Free Culture, site inspirado nas idéias do livro homônimo de Lawrence Lessig, anunciou os vencedores do concurso Bring Death Art Back to Life. O primeiro colocado é um vídeo fantástico, quase um manual, se não fosse tão divertido, de … Continue reading

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