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Women Physicians: 1850s – 1970s

Women Physicians: 1850s – 1970s. This interesting collection contains thousands of visual registries divided in five areas: the early years of the college; student life, academic life and student culture; racial and ethnic diversity among women physicians; missionary and public … Continue reading

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Gallery of Vintage Mandobabes

Do you have any fetish for women with Mandolins? The Gallery of Vintage Mandobabes proves that some people have, or had, this fetish. Mandolin Cafe has move vintage images between 1900 and 1920 of mandolins in postcards, not exactly related … Continue reading

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J.R. Duran

The Catalan photographer J.R. Duran makes stunning images, most of them of gorgeous women. But he had been live here for many years. Was when he moved to Brazil with his family, 1970, that he decided to work (and study … Continue reading

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From Lebanon to Japan in Posters

Art Posters in Lebanon from The Jafet Library Archives and Special Collections. The AUB collection of 177 art posters dates from the early sixties until the late twentieth century. (via Agence eureka and BibliOdyssey) Far and Wide: The Golden Age … Continue reading

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A Paris, les Elégantes

A Paris, les Elégantes – A virtual exhibition by Bruno Grégoire. Shots of the movement of legs, stockings, calves and high hells of unknown women walking in the streets of Paris throughout the seasons. A nice idea and perfect for … Continue reading

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Les Girls

This is not a post about Cukor’s film Les Girls; it’s a post to introduce you to a few blogs that I like a lot, where you can find girls singing in French. Blowupdoll was the first audio blog that … Continue reading

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Famous Women In Slips

A brief interruption on my work, of fixing the old entries, to present to you Famous Women In Slips. Three galleries with pictures of gorgeous women, most of them actresses in movies images, in slips. BTW, the quality of the … Continue reading

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Zona – The Girdle Zone

Zona – The Girdle Zone. An exploration of the social and erotic significance of a controversial garment. The Gallery Lobby has tons of vintage girdle ads, take a look. (via IWR)

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Atomic Pin-Up

Atomic Pin-Up – a neat site about pin-ups with vintage pictures of cars, probably from 50’s, some album covers, a two galleries with vintage pictures of Pin-Ups, and more stuff. The best part: Movie Posters of sci-fi, horror, noir and … Continue reading

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The Exciting Game of Career Girls

What Shall I Be? is a game from 1966 with the subtitle The Exciting Game of Career Girls. Oh yes, very exciting, but I’m still searching for a lawyer, a filmmaker, a pilotor or an engineer, because there are only … Continue reading

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