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Plush Internal Organs

Kids, and many adults, love plush and stuffed toys. That’s why there are so many options available: classic teddy bears, bunnies, hearts, cute animals, plush food, cthulhus, microbes, pee and poo, and even sushi for puppies. The Brazilian designer brothers … Continue reading

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Giant Zombie LEGO Men

After those LEGO® Ice Brick Tray to make your own pieces of iced LEGO, the Giant Zombie LEGO Men ATTACK! are great present for LEGO enthusiasts. Two models of those customizes and painted 19″ LEGO zombies were created using plastic, … Continue reading

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Mr Potato Head and his fellow Louis, the octopus

That’s my favourite cephalopod fellow of last week: Louis, the Giant Pacific Octopus. Louis, as any octopus, gets bored, and since the he isn’t on his natural habitat, the guys from the Blue Reef Aquarium found a way to keep … Continue reading

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The Stamp Collector’s Guide to the Galaxy

Stamps for sending a letter to outer space: The Stamp Collector’s Guide to the Galaxy. Ufology and philately share at least one thing: a passion for collecting, whether it be news clippings on unexplained cases or first day covers. From … Continue reading

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The Grim Reaper Cat

I grew up picturing death as the Grim Reaper, the skeletal figure carrying a large scythe. Even though I studied in catholic schools, I’ve never believed their philosophy that death is an angel of God and there is a better … Continue reading

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Kentucky Ventriloquism Museum Photos

Sometimes I’m not sure why I blog some things. This is a good example: Terror Tour 2007, an appropriate name, is a set on Flickr with photos of Kentuck Ventriloquism Museum. That’s the kind of place I won’t visit in … Continue reading

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Cool Toys for Grown-ups

Lisa Katayama says: Who says toys are for kids? In Japan, we believe that everyone — including our parents and grandparents — should have playthings too. I totally agree with her and emphatasy that I didn’t won any of those … Continue reading

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The Dayalets

The Dayalets are vitamin mascots, what I translate for scary human portraits made with food, cigars, objects and snacks. One more time the term “playing with food” fits like a glove, and this time moms have all the rights to … Continue reading

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Hand-Painted Toilet Seats

There are some things that I don’t know in which category put them, like the Hand-Painted Toilet Seats by Tuesday Cohen is one of those. Weird or art? Tuesday Cohen began drawing and painting as a child, using oil on … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Creepiest Fast Food Mascots

I’m not a fan of fast food. My weakness, and it’s not really a real one, are French fries, that is what makes me go to Mac Donald’s four times per year. It’s just a question of taste (or the … Continue reading

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