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The Greatest Super Villain and Hero Costumes

Robert Berry, from the great pop culture site retroCRUSH, made a list of The Top 10 Greatest Super Villain Costumes Of All Time. The list includes: the Catwoman, Ming the Merciless, Black Manta, Poison Ivy, Dark Phoenix, the Riddler, Galactus, … Continue reading

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Apple: Heroes, Villains and Quotes

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. A photo gallery by Wired of the history of Apple computers through Heroes and Villains.The world’s most lickable computer company has seen its share of good guys and bad guys during its 30-year … Continue reading

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Linux Supervillains?

Linux Supervillains: a geek animation. I’m Steve and I’m a super villain. (via MetaFilter)

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International Superheroes

International Superheroes is wonderful! Many images and information about superheroes in different countries – Brazil too. I remember of many of them, like the Spectreman and his enemy, that blonde monkey that moves the arms in a stupid way which … Continue reading

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10 Types of Movie Villains

Philipp Lenssen has a curious theory about 10 Types of Movie Villains. They are: the wild beast, the gentleman killer, the small-time crook, the super villain, the pseudo-buddy, the nemesis, the psycho, the gentleman burglar, the nice guy and the … Continue reading

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Which movie villian are you?

Estava lendo meu bloglines e vi que a Heloísa postou em seu site, o A vida é bela! Especialmente se você toma prozac!, uma imagem de um teste bem peculiar. Aliás, peculiar é a palavra para um teste chamado Which … Continue reading

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