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Kentucky Ventriloquism Museum Photos

Sometimes I’m not sure why I blog some things. This is a good example: Terror Tour 2007, an appropriate name, is a set on Flickr with photos of Kentuck Ventriloquism Museum. That’s the kind of place I won’t visit in … Continue reading

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Ventriloquist Dummies and “Dead Of Night”

Some people know that I hate dolls, specially the old porcelain ones. But there is something scarier than dolls: ventriloquist dummies. Who hasn’t had a nightmare with one of them? I don’t care about monsters, dark or ugly creatures, aliens, … Continue reading

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Album Cover Art Collection of Links

Ok, maybe just one entry to keep you busy. After some posts about collection of album covers I decided to make this entry with a list of links about it. I posted some before and some are new. Starting with … Continue reading

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