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Nemo Gould

The artist Nemo Gould has been creating his signature style of kinetic metal and found object sculpture for over 20 years. His portfolio has shows fabulous mixed media and found object sculptures, with a neat retro style. It also includes … Continue reading

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Make your own Dalek

From time to time this blog receives visits of people searching for Daleks. Those incredible extraterrestrial mutant creatures from Doctor Who series are much more popular that I imagined. The first time I made a post about the Daleks I … Continue reading

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Tilt-shift miniature fakes

My friend Adriano is an addict. The good part is that he has taken the first step and recognized that he has a problem. He promised he will try to stop making Tilt-shift miniature fakes all the time.And since he … Continue reading

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Mosaic with Book Covers

At first sight, the image above looks like just the logo of this blog with a strange resolution. Now look again in a higher resolution? Can you see it? Yes! Books! It’s a mosaic made with covers of my books … Continue reading

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How-to Fold Paper Roses

One more suggestion for Valentines’ day: paper roses. DIY Maven give all the instructions of How to Fold a Paper Rose, with links to two tutorials, WikiHow and bloom4ever, and a video showing step by step of this not so … Continue reading

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Zombie pictures of your friends

Freakish Zombie in 11 Steps!: a nice tutorial to make zombie pictures of your friends using Photoshop. Now I need the software, a machine that support it (not mine of course) and a volunteer. Anyone? (via Quiddity) Don’t like zombies? … Continue reading

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How to Make a Dalek

I know some people that would love to make their own Dalek. The site has full instructions, pictures, the description of all the necessary material and external links to builders guide PDF and forum. Don’t you know what is a … Continue reading

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Blogging linkdump

Lifehacker’s guide to weblog comments: twelve useful tips that everyone who reads blogs should read. Good blog commenters add to the discussion and are known as knowledgeable, informative, friendly and engaged. The Wired article Tips for the Crusading Blogger has … Continue reading

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Blueprint Photography

Blueprint Photography Alternative photographic techniques are gaining in popularity these days. This site aims to help explain one particularly interesting technique: the use of blueprint paper as an alternative to film and photographic paper. Blueprint paper is inexpensive, easy to … Continue reading

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Kinematic Models for Design

Kinematic Models for Design is a collection of mechanical models and related resources for teaching the principles of kinematics–the geometry of pure motion. The core of KMODDL is the Reuleaux Collection of Mechanisms and Machines, an important collection of 19th-century … Continue reading

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