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Bibi on Microblogging

(Almost) All the cool kids are now using micro-blogging tools to communicate with friends, family and / or readers. I’m using too, because I can’t stop joining to social networks and all kind of web2.0 tools and sites. I’ve joined … Continue reading

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Dylan Message Generator

To release the album Dylan: His Greatest Hits, a brilliant marketing idea was created: making a site with a Dylan message generator. You can go to the site and create a video message in up to “ten cards” to share … Continue reading

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Gmail Paper and Google TiSP

Wow, Google announced two new services today. Google TiSP, a free in-home wireless broadband service, and Gmail Paper. At the Official Google Blog there is a brief note about Google TiSP, also called “Project Teaspoon”. A Press Release of it … Continue reading

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Mashup Reader

For many times I said to Chris, from Cynical-C Blog, to change the layout of his blog, because it looks too much a guy’s blog. He never gave much attention to my words and kept the guy-not-coloured-layout. Maybe the problem … Continue reading

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Mosaic with Book Covers

At first sight, the image above looks like just the logo of this blog with a strange resolution. Now look again in a higher resolution? Can you see it? Yes! Books! It’s a mosaic made with covers of my books … Continue reading

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Christmas Linkdump 2006

Finally, the most loved day of the year (for some) arrived: Christmas Eve. Is everything ready for this night? The tree? Food? Gifts? Cookies for Santa? Your Christmas spirit? Well, I hope that everything is fine. Nevertheless, if you need … Continue reading

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Professional bloggers, or those who want to win something other than “fame” while blogging have a new good option, beyond ad banners: ReviewMe. It’s a new web site whose idea is to join bloggers and advertisers to reach their goals. … Continue reading

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Classik TV

After the Bombay TV, where you can create your own film with scenes of Bollywood films and your own subtitles, now we have Classik TV! Be a director in 30” selecting the scenes and editing the subtitles. It’s supposed to … Continue reading

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Websites as graphs

Websites as graphs: HTML consists of so-called tags, like the A tag for links, IMG tag for images and so on. Since tags are nested in other tags, they are arranged in a hierarchical manner, and that hierarchy can be … Continue reading

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Google Video Web-based Uploader

FINALLY! Google announced that now there is a web-based uploader. That means that if you have videos with less than 100MB you don’t need to use the uploader anymore. I was thinking that something like this would be great for … Continue reading

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