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Italian Movie Posters

The Flickr user Gerry D. is a film enthusiast and it seems he has special interest in the Italian cinema. What makes me think about are his Flickr sets. On his set Italian movies he shares 556 vintage images posters, … Continue reading

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National Theatre Posters

The English National Theatre has a special site with over 650 posters from the its archive: National Theatre Posters. The posters are divided by decades, from 1960’s to 2000’s, and genre categories (Shakespeare, British and Irish, American, Children’s Theatre, Musicals, … Continue reading

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Ingmar Bergman Face to Face

Here are marvellous news, if you appreciate the works of Ingmar Bergman. Ingmar Bergman Face to Face, the official Bergman’s site now has an English version! Super! I had some hard times there using a translator, asking for help to … Continue reading

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Peter Pan

C20th Peter Pan: a selling exhibition of memorabilia. Peter Pan history, the history of James Matthew Barrie (the author) and his other plays, memorabilia, like Peter Pan material, ranging from theatre programmes, posters, books and records to autographs of early … Continue reading

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Theatre Ephemera

Theatre Ephemera Site: vintage pictures of theatres on the United States. The theatres, actors, actresses, productions and miscellaneous from 1900’s. (via Agence eureka)

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Alice In Wonderland and media

Alice In Wonderland in stories, films, television, theatre and multimedia. There are also sections dealing with artwork, book covers, illustrations and even advertising material. Related post: Lewis Carroll – post in Portuguese, but with many links about Carroll in English.

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Polish Posters

Polish Posters of theater, opera, exhibitions and films, many films from France, Italy, US, Sweden, Japan, Russia and some more countries. Try a search by artist if you like of some style. (via o zombie comeu o meu blog)

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Viven Leigh

She is one of my favourite actresses: Vivien Leigh. I have to confess that when I was younger I wanted to be like her. She was so beautiful, talented and intelligent, and her way to look in some scenes and … Continue reading

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Polish Posters

Polish Poster and Contemporary Posters are two online galleries with some fantastic vintage Polish posters. The Circus Posters are very colourful and happy, but I’m against circus with animals, maybe just in those works. Don’t forget to see the movie … Continue reading

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Old Russian Propaganda Posters

Old Russian Propaganda Posters: posters about movies, theatre, expositions, circus, shows, sports, politics and others. (via del.icio.us/joshua)

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