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Game Over Project

GAME OVER is a brilliant video performance project created by the Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond, using stop-motion (pixelation) technique to visually reproduce classic arcade games, pixel by pixel. It consists of a series of collaborative animation movies which revive some … Continue reading

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Tetris 80’s TV Ad

Dailymotion blogged video Tetris is so damn cool that even with this 80’s commercial it still a huge success. I’m happy that never had seen this video before started to play Tetris, but I’m trying to clean my mind of … Continue reading

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Tetris live-action

Tetris is always cool, even when is a very silly live-action video of a “L” trying to find a fit. The 12.6MB MPEG video is from Mega64 site, but you can watch it here. BTW, you saw this before don’t … Continue reading

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Tetris Shelves

This Tetris shelf is wonderful: so neat, so geek. It’s perfect to put on you room, near the computer desk, isn’t it? There is just one problem, the price: around $7k for 10 pieces. There are some more models of … Continue reading

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Tetris Tower

Dica boa para quem ainda tem tempo livre e não sabe o que fazer com ele ou para quem acha que não tem vícios suficientes: vicie-se em Tetris. Se você já passou dessa fase de jogar no computador ou no … Continue reading

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