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The Future of Ideas is now CC Licensed

The Future of Ideas is now Free, announced Lawrence Lessig, Creative Commons CEO, on his blog on 15th January. Now, “The Future of Ideas“, is available to download under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license, as his other three books, “Code … Continue reading

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Friday Cat Blogging Stuff

Here are my collection of links with cats, specially saved to blog today. And before you run away complaining “Oh no, cat pictures!”, take a look on the images and their descriptions. They have cats, of course, but they aren’t … Continue reading

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Nerd Watch Museum

Nerd Watch Museum: Our collection spans hundreds of models, dozens of manufacturers and infinite gadgetry. I had some watches with cool “high-tech” features, like date, alarm and chronometer. But I never had a watch with a calculator. I think I … Continue reading

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News: 04/01/2007

Hi guys, I hope you are having a loving night – or day. I selected some interesting news about internet and technology to blog in this amusing day. Let’s go to the latest news. – Astronomy Picture of the Day … Continue reading

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Top 5 Most Creative Rube-Goldberg Contraptions

The editors of TechEBlog compiled a list with Top 5 Most Creative Rube-Goldberg Contraptions, with a honourable mention to the amazing Honda Cog commercial. The videos are: 1. Japanese Rube Goldberg Contest 2. YouTube – Sweet 3. Rube Goldberg Officeplace … Continue reading

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Resistor man

Hey kids, time to play! Get the parts of an old computer and circuit boards to construct a Resistor man. The site explains step by step how to built it using 8 resistors, one large resistor and a led. Hum.. … Continue reading

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The 10 Gadgets That Changed the World

The 10 Gadgets That Changed the World is a Wired article that talks of some models of gadgets that we loved (or loved): TV, telephone, mobile, camera, microwave, videocassette recorder, video computer system, walkman, computer and a movie camera. I … Continue reading

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Websites that changed the world

From The Observer Websites that changed the world: This month the web is 15 years old and in that short time it has revolutionised the way we live, from shopping to booking flights, writing blogs to listening to music. Here, … Continue reading

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The Vintage Mac Museum

The Vintage Mac Museum: for Mac and non Mac users, geeks, programmers, the curious, those old enthusiasts who have been using a computer since the 80′s (or earlier) and those who think that their computers are not good enough. The … Continue reading

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Whitney Music Box

Whitney Music Box: a musical realization of the motion graphics of John Whitney as described in his book “Digital Harmony”.The thirteen variations of the music box are the result of Whitney’s idea of harmonic relationships, based on audio, graphics and … Continue reading

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