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Emoticon Danwade

Emoticon : – danwade: Each emotional composition is matched with a series of keyboard characters that create an emotional symbol. These symbols evolve into a “danwade” interactive experience by combining medias and concepts represented in art such as portraiture, geometric … Continue reading

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Individual-I: a “peace symbol” for individual liberty”. Boing Boing says: Individual-I is a new campaign that Bruce Schneier has launched, to promote the idea of individual liberty. The sign shown here — a vaguely humanoid capital letter I — is … Continue reading

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René Magritte: the Illusion of Reality

I couldn’t resist to this link: René Magritte – the Illusion of Reality. I love Magritte’s paintings: the illusion, the images, the design, the colours, the symbols, the message behind them – what a wonderful imagination. The site has many … Continue reading

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Xul Solar

I want to present a great artist today Xul Solar, from Argentina. I don’t know much about him and there are few informations about him on Internet. I saw his works for the first time on an exhibition on MAM, … Continue reading

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