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The Taste of Color

The Taste of Color is a neat photographic study by the Swedish professional food photographer Björn Lindberg. Take a look at the pictures and try to image of what kind of food each one has. You will be surprise by … Continue reading

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Mia Mäkilä

Mia Mäkilä is a Swedish artist who creates dark and disturbing images, on in her words, horror art & collages. Her work has influences of Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel the elder, Francisco de Goya, Johann Heinrich Fuseli, Frida Kahlo and … Continue reading

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Ingmar Bergman: 1918 – 2007

Oh well, the inevitable happened, Ingmar Bergman lost the chess match. The Master has passed away this morning at his home in Fårö. My first Bergman film was Fanny and Alexander, but my passion for his works didn’t start then. … Continue reading

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Vintage Children’s Books Scans by Martin Klasch

P-E Fronning, from Martin Klasch blog, uploaded scanned images of three lovely books at his Flickr set Children’s Books. His last addition to the set was Jim, Jock and Jumbo, a children’s book published in New York in 1946. The … Continue reading

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Swedish Papier-mâché

Martin Klasch was kind enough to scan a vintage Swedish book of papier-mâché, probably printed in 1969. The catchy colours are going to get your attention, but if the Swedish instructions don’t help a lot don’t worry. Go to Papier … Continue reading

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Ingmar Bergman Face to Face

Here are marvellous news, if you appreciate the works of Ingmar Bergman. Ingmar Bergman Face to Face, the official Bergman’s site now has an English version! Super! I had some hard times there using a translator, asking for help to … Continue reading

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Fashion Freak

Fashion Freak is a very funny videoclip with sexy zombie girls washing a car by Naked Ape, made by zombie duck. If you prefer, download it here. BTW, there is a curious thread at jwz – where I found the … Continue reading

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Barbapapa toys and links

Sundsvalls Järn is a Swedish shop that sells Barbapapa toys. Super cute! I saw just a few episodes of Barbapapa and I was very young, but I remember that they are very cute. On that shop there all the Barbapapas … Continue reading

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Swedish humor

Swedish humor has bit of animation, comics and illustration by Olle Berg. And the Scandinavian cartoon history with works of Albert Engström and Oskar Andersson. The panorama illustrations are very nice. (Thanks Johnny!)

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Swedish Nostalgia

Nettans & Björns Nostalgisida a collection of Swedish vintage ads and pictures. Most of them are about cars, but you will find sessions about furniture, fashion, picnic, food and pin-ups not so Swedish. (via we make money not art)

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