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The Stamp Collector’s Guide to the Galaxy

Stamps for sending a letter to outer space: The Stamp Collector’s Guide to the Galaxy. Ufology and philately share at least one thing: a passion for collecting, whether it be news clippings on unexplained cases or first day covers. From … Continue reading

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Vintage Iranian Images

Iranian.com has an excellent collection of vintage Iranian and Persian images: postcards, ads, pictures of women, stamps, film posters, cartoons, illustrations and much more. Give to yourself some time to explore the site. (via Plep)

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Pib’s Virtual Stamp Collections

Pib’s Virtual Stamp Collections is a place where you can see the two fantastic virtual stamp collections of Philip R. “Pib” Burns. To be amused choose Cryptozoology and Philately or Meteorite Stamps and Coins. My suggestions: Komodo Dragon Stamps, Yeti … Continue reading

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I want a Greta Garbo stamp

Hi, I am embarrassed to ask, but I read in many Swedish blogs, including josephzohn, that the U.S. Postal Service and the Swedish Post will release, on September 23rd, a postage stamp in honour of the 100th anniversary of Greta … Continue reading

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Sci-Philately – A Selective History of Science on Stamps. Make a short and amusing travel through the history of astronomy and cosmology, chemistry, mathematics, biology, atomic bomb, geology, Nobel Prizes, electromagnetic theory, genetic, evolution, physics and modern physics with stamps.

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Owls / Chouettes

Searching for a French expression I found some cool sites about owls: The Owl Pages, The World of Owls, La chouette d’Hémilly, Chouett’alors! and Hiboumania (be careful with the sound on this site). They have information about species, habits, pictures, … Continue reading

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Chinese Comics, Diabolik and stamps

Chinese Comics: tons of images and pages, divide by books and authors. (via Life In The Present) Diabolik Italia: the official site of this popular Italian fumetti in the 60s. There are a lot of information, news, curiosities, images and … Continue reading

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