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Macus Romero

The Spanish illustrator Macus Romero has a charming portfolio illustrations and characters design. Her digital images, watercolours and sketches of girls and cats are lovely. There are many much of her illustrations to appreciate on Flickr and on her blog.

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Spanish Movie Posters, from 1920 to 1957

Javier Reguera, from the Spanish cultural blog asi se fundo carnaby street kindly uploaded 71 scanned images of Spanish movie posters, from 1920 to 1957 at Flickr. I have a good surprise with them: the graphics, with strong colours, detach … Continue reading

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Manuel Sierra Posters

The Spanish artist Manolo Sierra shows his talent in several ways: in paintings, murals, serigraphs, engravings and posters. According to ladrilio, this is probably his most known side, because his posters have a bit of everything: drawing, colours, message, compromise, … Continue reading

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Veronica Ibarra

Veronica Ibarra‘s work addresses issues related to animal equality (equal consideration for all sentient beings) and speciesism (undervaluing of someone or of his/her interests because he/she belongs to a certain species). The Spanish vegan artist makes cute and engaged short … Continue reading

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Spanish Civil War

When I make posts with related with war I hope that people remember how many atrocities were made in the name of wars, by politics, religion or revenge. I’m against wars, I hate them. Millions of unknown innocents died in … Continue reading

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Open Puppets

Open Puppets are lovely handmade wood figures and plush toys made by Orgánica DTMA in a limited edition. The best part: they are donating 10% of their OpenPuppets related profits to support Open Source / Free Software projects. Very cool … Continue reading

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