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Kenny Translator

I’m a huge fan of South Park, and I can’t resist testing silly generators. That’s why I’m suggesting to you do the same with Kenny Translator – a generator and translator, where you can Kennify your text or translated the … Continue reading

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Tetris live-action

Tetris is always cool, even when is a very silly live-action video of a “L” trying to find a fit. The 12.6MB MPEG video is from Mega64 site, but you can watch it here. BTW, you saw this before don’t … Continue reading

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Ring Tone Dancer

Ring Tone Dancer: there is nothing like a man with a weird fantasy dancing very bad with an annoying ring tone. Watch it for you own risk. PS.: be carefull with the background too.

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Astronomyx – Really Big Universe

This music video is very silly: Astronomyx – Really Big Universe. “Really Big Universe” is the new hit single from Doc Philly and Prof. Dee’s new album, Check Yo Equation. To listen more bizarre songs visit The Escape Artists page.

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I can’t resist to cute silly stuff: Cubees. They are very cute singing boxes: a pig, cow, chick, duck cat and dog make up the chorus of the Cubees. Each one sings 3 different “songs”: not special songs and a … Continue reading

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Fale com a Tammy

Para quem gosta de cerveja ou dos cartazes manipuladores que exibem tudo, de mulher, menos cerveja, ou para quem gosta de belas mulheres sugiro Virtual Bartender do site Beer.com. A mocinha real foi filmada e as imagens são exibidas conforme … Continue reading

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Silly generators

More silly name generators… the last is the best 🙂 Your Porn Star Name is: Busty de Lusty Get your own Porn Star Name Your Hippie Chick Name is: Patchouli Get your own Hippie Chick Name Your Star Wars Masturbation … Continue reading

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Silly Jokes

For those who don’t speak Portuguese I found some really silly jokes to post here. My previous entry was about silly jokes also, so there are some here almost in the same level! Very, very silly and bad jokes. As … Continue reading

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