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Interesting tool: Omnipelagos ~ meandering search engine, finds the shortest paths between any two things. I tried the connection between cat and chocolate and this was one of the results: Cat [Characteristics / Hunting and diet] Cats do ingest some … Continue reading

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More from Google Earth and Maps

Tools to use with Google Maps and Google Earth via Going My Way: – KML Generator here and here, with some extras; – Gmap Extras is a Greasemonkey script to insert extra goodies into the standard Google Maps interface. Plus: … Continue reading

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SearchFox, as Steve Rubelsays it is a new search engine/tagging tool it’s a mix of Google + del.icio.us + MyWeb 2.0 + Firefox. With SearchFox you can add your favourites typing, using the toolbar or searching; save them with description … Continue reading

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Blog Search Will Soon Be Extinct

Blog Search Will Soon Be Extinct why? The answers are on that interesting post about the changes on how people are using search engines for blogs, written by Steve Rubel.

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Google Moon

One more very cool Google “toy”: Google Moon. In honor of the first manned Moon landing, which took place on July 20, 1969, we’ve added some NASA imagery to the Google Maps interface to help you pay your own visit … Continue reading

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Acronyma – The largest database of acronyms and abbreviations on the web. I tried some acronyms in Portuguese (ex: CCBB, ABNT), English (ex.: IMNSHO, BRB, YMMV, IANAL) and the only one that I know in French (RSVP) and they worked … Continue reading

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Grokker visual search tool

Grokker – A New Way to Look at Search. Very nice visual search engine that requires Java. You can try the online demo version, download and try or buy it. This search tool has some interesting features, like Delete links … Continue reading

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Flickr Montager

I’m busy now and I have to study. For a while go play with Flickr Montager, an interesting tool that creates mosaics with pictures from Flickr. Choose the tag or tags to the search and wait for the result. Amusing … Continue reading

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Domínio Público – Clássicos da literatura mundial

Para quem gosta de ler, mas não se importa de ter o livro ou está sem dinheiro o novo site do governo Domínio Público é uma boa pedida. O site desenvolvido com software livre pelo governo federal (até que enfim … Continue reading

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Dilettante’s Dictionary

Dilettante’s Dictionary: Audio terminology in these digital days. It seems a good dictionary of audio and music terms. song: (1) Strictly, a piece of solo vocal music, with or without accompaniment, and of short duration. In popular music, this has … Continue reading

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