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Google in China

Everybody is talking about the Google censorship episode in China. Few people understood what this is about, but most people is against what they did anyway. But, what does Google say about it? The Official Google Blog gives Google’s version … Continue reading

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Google Fight

Did you like of Google Battle? Try Google Fight. The principle is the same: a fight between to word to see with more has more links listed at Google, plus an animation (default) of the battle and suggestions of fights. … Continue reading

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My Heritage

My Heritage is one of the world’s first applications to apply the scientifically advanced technologies of face detection and recognition to family history and to consumer photos; and it’s free. The site, that still in development, launched a tool called … Continue reading

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Tagnautica is one more neat way to explore the Flickr Tag Space. Start with a tag and dive into tag space of related tags. The creator of Tagnautica, Mario Klingemann, developed also another experimental tool to use with Flickr: Flickeur. … Continue reading

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Tools for blogs

Blogbinders Do you remember of Blogbinders, that helps you turn your blog into a bound book? I don’t know what happened to that site, but I found something similar: BlogCollector. It’s a free and neat tool to backup your blog … Continue reading

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Google Battle

Google Battle The latest indicator of cultural relevance. No, not really but is amusing. It shows the result of the “battle” of popularity report between two keywords. I tried chocolate VS. wine and wine won for my surprise, because the … Continue reading

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Google Notícias Brasil

Yesterday news from Google: Google News Brasil and Google Book Search. Then, the new name of Google Print is Google Book Search. Here is one reason why the changed the name: When we launched Google Print, our goal was to … Continue reading

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Tags…. Tagging…

Some links about tags and tagging…. tags…. Did I say that I love tags? Well, I love them. – Danah Boyd made a neat list of links about it: articles on tagging (help?). – Google Adds Tagging: Google has silently … Continue reading

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Toogle Image Search – The most comprehensive image buggery on the web. Toogle is a Text version of Googles Image Search. Currently it creates images out of the very term that was used to fetch those images, later we will … Continue reading

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Google Blog Search

After a long wait Google decided launch Google Blog Search. My first impression: really great to me you are you looking to my blog with my nick. Maybe works fine if the name of the blog gives the description of … Continue reading

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