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Miniature Mechanical Marvels

Wired‘s slideshow Vintage Japanese Robots Storm Sci-Fi Museum shows 13 pictures of neat toys, like Mechagodzilla bellow. The toys are from the personal collection of the designer Tom Geismar, from Chermayeff & Geismar, which has been collecting for decades. Those … Continue reading

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Mars Attacks Cards

The card above looks like Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks!, but it’s from the popular science fiction trading card series Mars Attacks. The bubble-gum cards were released by Topps in 1962, created by Brown and Woody Gelman and were the base … Continue reading

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From Verne to Vonnegut

From the University of Delaware Library an exhibition in Special Collections curated by Iris Snyder: From Verne to Vonnegut – A century of science-fiction. Books, articles and more books of early works in science fiction, magazines, dystopias, aliens and others. … Continue reading

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Jeff de Boer

The Canadian artist Jeff de Boer is a Calgary-based multi-media artist with an international reputation for producing some of the world’s most original and well-crafted works of art. He creates some incredible metal sculptures, figurative and abstract, suits of armour … Continue reading

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Things to Come

Things to Come: A celebration of the 1936 film written by H.G. Wells, directed by William Cameron Menzies, and produced by Alexander Korda.Nice site with a great number of publicity materials of the film and pictures. (via IWR Art) Things … Continue reading

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The Greatest Super Villain and Hero Costumes

Robert Berry, from the great pop culture site retroCRUSH, made a list of The Top 10 Greatest Super Villain Costumes Of All Time. The list includes: the Catwoman, Ming the Merciless, Black Manta, Poison Ivy, Dark Phoenix, the Riddler, Galactus, … Continue reading

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EC Science Fiction Comics

I never had a science fiction pulp book on my own hands, but in the last years I became an admirer of them, through several sites who kindly shared collections of those vintage books. EC Science Fiction Comics is one … Continue reading

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Monster Party

The 2007 Fantasy Filmfest, a German festival of science fiction, horror and thriller films, has a delightful trailer: Monster Party. I’m a huge fan of the monsters of horror films, even the bad films, and this excellent stop-motion animation has … Continue reading

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Life on Mars

Life on Mars: An Exhibit of Classic Science Fiction Magazine Covers and Interior Illustrations from the 1920s-1950s. Cool stuff, with a small, but nice, collection of covers and illustrations of pulp sci-fi magazines. They have tripods, green men, robots and … Continue reading

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80 Years of Robots in Hollywood

The idea of a robot was always fascinating to us. The literature discovered it and passed the lesson to the cinema. That’s probably one the reasons there are always new films about them. The last one released, Transformers, isn’t on … Continue reading

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