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The Top 10 Creepiest Fast Food Mascots

I’m not a fan of fast food. My weakness, and it’s not really a real one, are French fries, that is what makes me go to Mac Donald’s four times per year. It’s just a question of taste (or the … Continue reading

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Jessica Borutski

I’m not sure about the influences of the work of Jessica Borutski, but I can guess that she likes cartoons. Her illustrations have beautiful colours with super cute animals, with big eyes, a big smile and a crazy expression – … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Koning

The Dutch photographer Elizabeth Koning is specialized in children’s portraits. She started working with fashion, where she developed her interest in photography and worked together with different professional fashion photographers. (Thanks Machteld!) Related post: Loretta Lux.

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Deeply Disturbing Cuisine

I never appreciated much the company of other kids when I was one, and I still don’t like them, but now I know the reason: children are evil and scary. Since the release of The Shining (and the book also), … Continue reading

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Ventriloquist Dummies and “Dead Of Night”

Some people know that I hate dolls, specially the old porcelain ones. But there is something scarier than dolls: ventriloquist dummies. Who hasn’t had a nightmare with one of them? I don’t care about monsters, dark or ugly creatures, aliens, … Continue reading

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The Little Girl Who Was Forgotten

A sad and scary story: The Little Girl Who Was Forgotten. Take a look to on the site of this animation Childrin R Skary to see more videos and a very nice Gallery of images. (via IWR)

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Michelle Meier

The photographer Michelle Meier makes pretty photos. One of her galleries of pictures has portraits of women and little girls with some kind of retouch that makes all look like dolls, Barbies, too perfect to not scar. I’m scared of … Continue reading

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The Haunted Studio

Are you searching for images of haunted houses? The Haunted Studio has many paintings about it. Halloween haunted houses, notecards, scary images, haunted house pictures, haunted hotels. (via The Groovy Age of Horror)

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Scary squirrel world

Happy Friday Ark! I know that I posted about squirrels this week, but these cute creatures don’t use clothes: scary squirrel world – squirrel photos, pictures, pics, facts, games… squirrels. Anyway, they are so cute that I can talk about … Continue reading

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Loretta Lux

The German photographer Loretta Lux describes her pictures as “imaginary portraits dealing with the idea of childhood“. Loretta Lux makes pictures of children that are as charming as they are creepy – a sweet-and-sour combo that proves surprisingly hard to … Continue reading

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