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Miniature Mechanical Marvels

Wired‘s slideshow Vintage Japanese Robots Storm Sci-Fi Museum shows 13 pictures of neat toys, like Mechagodzilla bellow. The toys are from the personal collection of the designer Tom Geismar, from Chermayeff & Geismar, which has been collecting for decades. Those … Continue reading

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Nicole Gastonguay

Nicole Gastonguay is a graphic designer, however, she has another talent: crochet. She makes marvellous (and super cute) crochet toys. And for toys I want to say adorable crochet food and animals. It’s impossible not love her smiling creations with … Continue reading

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Take-G Toys

I don’t remember having seen wood toys prettier than those by take-g toys. Takeji Nakagawa, aka Take-G, creates adorable toys and crafts, like the wonderful wood robots. The robots and his other crafts are actually art works, sold only at … Continue reading

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Jeff de Boer

The Canadian artist Jeff de Boer is a Calgary-based multi-media artist with an international reputation for producing some of the world’s most original and well-crafted works of art. He creates some incredible metal sculptures, figurative and abstract, suits of armour … Continue reading

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Nemo Gould

The artist Nemo Gould has been creating his signature style of kinetic metal and found object sculpture for over 20 years. His portfolio has shows fabulous mixed media and found object sculptures, with a neat retro style. It also includes … Continue reading

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Make Love Not War

I keep this blog safe for work and that’s a pity, because I would like to post more not safe images. The funny thing is, that I know this blog was blocked by some (stupid) filters at work and school, … Continue reading

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Doktor A

The site of Doktor A is full of his fantastic creations: pretty paintings of little men with pointy hats, paintings and illustrations and cute (odd) little fellows called Poddies, dark sculptures of fairies, clowns and creatures, digital illustrations of aliens … Continue reading

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80 Years of Robots in Hollywood

The idea of a robot was always fascinating to us. The literature discovered it and passed the lesson to the cinema. That’s probably one the reasons there are always new films about them. The last one released, Transformers, isn’t on … Continue reading

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Lockwasher’s robots

When I blogged about Lockwasher Design I had no idea that beyond being a talented designer he was also a vintage robot collector or that he had much more robot sculptures than those presented in his site. His Flickr page … Continue reading

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April Fool’s 2007

It’s Sunday – a not blogging day, almost lunch time and I’m tired, just because I had been blogging since yesterday. I’m going to have a break to sleep, and maybe enjoy the rest of this sunny day. However, I … Continue reading

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