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Vintage Japanese Album Covers

This Japanese site has a small but nice collection of vintage album covers, and their inside images, of TV shows for children, I think. The images and the translation point to cartoons and film, but I can be wrong. I … Continue reading

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Atari Game Manuals

I would like to have played more videogame in my childhood. Just a vaguely thought, based on my knowledge of the games of this set of Atari Game Manuals, with 103 images. I know several by the name, just by … Continue reading

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Tijuana Bibles

What should do someone that would like to enjoy of some very very naughty literature, also know as pornography, during the 1920’s or 1930’s in the U.S.? One of the options was the Tijuana bibles, also known as eight-pagers. They … Continue reading

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Mondo Urania

Published by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore since October 10, 1952, the Italian magazine Urania is the longest life science fiction series published in Italy. The site Mondo Urania has an amazing collection with tons of Urania covers, resumes and and its … Continue reading

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John Held Jr.

The American illustrator John Held Jr. is most known his several works for cover of magazines like Judge, College Humor and Life. In addition to his archetypical flapper illustrations, during the same time Held also did cartoons in a 19th … Continue reading

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Datajunkie Pulp-o-rama

Last month Datajunkie made a very good Pulp-o-rama post with a collection of scanned covers of magazines like Great Science Fiction, Infinity Science Fiction, IF – Worlds of Science Fiction, Worlds of Tomorrow, The Original Science Fiction Stories, Satellite Science … Continue reading

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Vintage Children’s Books Scans by Martin Klasch

P-E Fronning, from Martin Klasch blog, uploaded scanned images of three lovely books at his Flickr set Children’s Books. His last addition to the set was Jim, Jock and Jumbo, a children’s book published in New York in 1946. The … Continue reading

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Vintage Brazilian Ads

As I said a while ago, it isn’t easy find good sites about vintage Brazilian culture and ephemera. Happily this has been changing in the last years and many sites to preserve this memory appeared. A very good example of … Continue reading

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Ultraman 80

I’m not sure why I will post this. The excuse that I gave to myself was that I needed to exorcise the demons of my childhood, including the 1980’s Japanese TV shows with superheroes doing funny choreographies, and Ultraman is … Continue reading

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Perry Rhodan Covers

Some people don’t know when to stop, like datajunkie that made a huge post with almost 100 covers of Perry Rhodan science fiction books, illustrated by Grey Morrow. Amazing work! But Perry Rhodan? Yes, Perry Rhodan, the world’s most prolific … Continue reading

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