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The Root of All Evil

The Root of All Evil?, directed by Russell Barnes, is Channel 4 series about religion with Richard Dawkins. Aired in January 2006, it’s divided in two parts: Episode 1 – The God Delusion, the same name of Dawkin’s book, and … Continue reading

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Christian Right Propaganda Posters

Ignore the ads, and enjoy these hilarious Christian Right Propaganda Posters: How the Christian Right Might Promote their Agenda, Beliefs, About site. Can you read the title without laughing at it? Sorry if I offend anyone, but I do have … Continue reading

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Religious Affiliation of Film Directors

Ok, fast: what is your favorite director? And his/her religion? I don’t like films about religion, but I don’t care about the religious affiliation of movie directors, if this doesn’t influence the film in general. Does anyone care about it? … Continue reading

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Skeptic’s Annotated Bible

Something that I would like to my grandma for Christmas: Skeptic’s Annotated Bible. Unfortunately it isn’t available in book form. Precisely so I want to show to her the great work of annotation made on the Old and New Testament. … Continue reading

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Books of Hours

Leaves of Gold Gallery: Books of Hours. The Book of Hours – the main prayer book used in medieval Europe – was divided into eight sections (or “hours”) that were meant to be read at specific times of day. […] … Continue reading

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Impudence and Offense to God?

After reading the analysis of The Polar Express on CAP alert I decided that maybe I will go see the movie. The Polar Express is a magnificent Christmas time achievement but Christ was not mentioned. Not even in vain. The … Continue reading

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