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John Sutherland Productions

I accepted the suggestion of placeboKatz and took a look at Destination Earth. It is a propaganda cartoon sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute, where a Martian explorer discovers the secrets behind the USA’s prosperity: oil and free enterprise. The … Continue reading

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Canadian War Poster Collection

A fabulous collection: Canadian War Poster Collection – The holdings of the Print Collection in the Rare Books and Special Collections Division include some 250 Canadian posters from the two World Wars. During the First World War, the imagery of … Continue reading

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A is for Atom

Before V for Vendetta there was A is for Atom. This curious animation by John Sutherland Productions in 1953 for General Electric Company. The animation presents an atom, how energy is released from certain kinds of atoms, the peacetime uses … Continue reading

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Ads with Cartoon Elements

Vintage and cute stuff are always welcome to this blog, that’s why the Flickr set of Ads with Cartoon Elements fits perfectly here. More than hundred of cheerful ads, and since you are there don’t miss the other photosets of … Continue reading

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Ron English

Popaganda, The Art and Subversion of Ron English. Paintings, books, billboards and music projects – when pop culture meets the acid critic. (via Drawn!)

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Coca-Cola Trading Cards and Ads

An huge collection with hundreds of Coca-Cola Trading Cards: Collect-A-Card, Raleigh, North Carolina released several series of Coca-Cola brand trading cards from 1993 through 1996. The site also has a collection National Geographic Magazine Advertisements of Coca-Cola, from 1933 until … Continue reading

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The Art of War

The Art of War is a great National Archives online exhibition with three sessions (Illustrations, Propaganda and Valour & Gallantry), and site extras. The Illustrations is my favourite with books, comics, caricatures, “horrors of war” and magazines. Don’t miss the … Continue reading

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Seventeen Moments in Soviet History

Seventeen Moments in Soviet History. The history from 1917, when the Bolsheviks seize power (The October Revolution), until 1991, with the End of the Soviet Union. A lot of additional information through videos, texts, images, music, audio, photo essays and … Continue reading

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Horror, Suspense, Romance and Humour on Comics

Back from the Depths: a memorial site to Scream!, a horror and humorous comics that stopped after only 15 issues before its untimely death in June 84. The stories, artwork and characters are buried deep in the cartoon graveyard but … Continue reading

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Spanish Civil War

When I make posts with related with war I hope that people remember how many atrocities were made in the name of wars, by politics, religion or revenge. I’m against wars, I hate them. Millions of unknown innocents died in … Continue reading

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