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The Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia

The Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia: Materials from the Labadie Collection. In the morning hours of August 21, 1968, the Soviet army invaded Czechoslovakia along with troops from four other Warsaw Pact countries. The occupation was the beginning of the end … Continue reading

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Anti-Japanese propaganda and Soviet Magazines

Anti-Japanese Propaganda: An Overview of Art, Literature and Government Sponsored Propaganda During WWII in the Pacific Theater. (via we make money not art) Propaganda Images From Soviet Magazines – many images, specially with Lenin images and ads about technology. (via … Continue reading

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War Posters

Kilroy Was Here – War Posters. US propaganda posters of Word War II made to mobilize people to help and contribute with time, money and to contribute to the war effort in personal ways.

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Mark Bryan

Mark Bryan: Paintings of Pictures from My Head. His paintings are divide by theme, like religion and politics, war, women, portraits, circus and theater. Great images, beautiful colours and social critic. And you have to see this picture (I loved … Continue reading

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Old Russian Propaganda Posters

Old Russian Propaganda Posters: posters about movies, theatre, expositions, circus, shows, sports, politics and others. (via del.icio.us/joshua)

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Znachki: this web site contains thousands of images of various Russian and Soviet memorabilia items: pins and badges, watches from all Russian manufacturers like Vostok, Poljot, Raketa, Slava, Pobeda, Molnija, army, navy and airforce patches and chevrons. Slava is the … Continue reading

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Chinese Pop Posters

Chinese pop posters compiled by Olivier Laude. He says: The images you are about to see were collected over a three year period while working in China on a book project on traditional rural Chinese architecture. Between 1989 and 1992, … Continue reading

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Santa Claus!

New JibJab animation for Christmas: Santa Claus (via Neil’s Smaller World)

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Boy o Boy

Did you see this video: b o y o b o y? Funny video, curious lyrics and interesting way to protest, or not? Anyway go see it. (via Bloglines Top Links, as usual)

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William Morris

The William Morris Internet Archive or I should say the other side of William Morris. I discovered his work during a research for the classes of Art Direction, about Art Nouveau. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any idea of his other … Continue reading

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