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¡Del Corazón!

¡Del Corazón! makes a homage to Latino artists through videos, biographies, images of works, their processes and techniques. Many Latinos have immigrated to the United States. Whether their experiences are told firsthand or handed down from parents and grandparents, they … Continue reading

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Hand-Painted Toilet Seats

There are some things that I don’t know in which category put them, like the Hand-Painted Toilet Seats by Tuesday Cohen is one of those. Weird or art? Tuesday Cohen began drawing and painting as a child, using oil on … Continue reading

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Gilles Barbier

Gilles Barbier is a multi artist. He makes sculptures, paintings, creates installations and shock some views whit his polemic works. The complex body of work developed by Gilles Barbier is articulated around the principles of doubt, polysemia and ambiguity. He … Continue reading

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Nicholas Di Genova

Surrounded by books, the Canadian artist Nicholas Di Genova creates his fantastic “mutant” animals illustrations using ink and watercolour on paper. Sometimes those creatures are formed by two animals parts, other times by parts of animals and machines. Maybe is … Continue reading

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Japan Body Painting Museum

Janbopai Museum is a web site devoted to the body paint art in Japan, with many pictures of original works, images of body painting steps, works for magazines, links, foruns, information about body painting and wallpapers. Since very few Japanese … Continue reading

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Timur Tsaku

There is something bizarre and magical at the paintings of Timur Tsaku that attracted me. This artist from Uzbekistan started four years ago a series of 14 paintings: It is a highly personal series and portrays what is most meaningful … Continue reading

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The Starry Night

From the APOD: The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh painted 1889. This painting is wonderful and now I have a good excuse to post it. The painting Starry Night is one of the most famous icons of the night … Continue reading

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Shary Boyle

” Shary Boyle makes drawing with watercolours, paintings, illustrations, projections and incredible mutating sculptures of fine porcelain lace-draping with china paint. After saw her sculptures of Siamese sisters, a decapitated woman carrying her own head and the spider-woman above I … Continue reading

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Albert Eckhout

The Dutch painter and draughtsman Albert Eckhout came to Brazil in the service of Count Maurice of Nassau, the Governor-General of Dutch Brazil, where he spent seven years (1637-1644). During the period Eckhout spent in the Northeast of Brazil, he … Continue reading

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Tommy Kane

The artist Tommy Kane started his career making illustrations for a newspaper. Now he works with diverse materials and supports. Among his works there are 3-D objects, print ads, commercials, paintings, illustrations, drawings and a great work of mixed media … Continue reading

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