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Miss Tigri

Miss Tigri is a talented French painter, illustrator and designer. Her fabulous paintings of languid women have influences of Art Nouveau artists, like Alfons Mucha and Gustav Klimt, expressionist painter Egon Schiele, French comics illustrators, Milo Manara, stylists, Tim Burton … Continue reading

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Understanding art for geeks

Paul, the wine guy, presents his Flickr set Understanding art for geeks. My first impression was a big shock, and I asked to my buttons: what the hell? After three of four images, my artsy side went to walk and … Continue reading

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Amy Sol

Amy Sol has an incredible art work. Her whimsical acrylic paintings on wood with fluid lines are marvellous. Though the style of her works is greatly influenced by a combination of manga, folk-art, vintage illustration and modern design. (via FFFFOUND!)

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Patrick Hitte

What a lovely image: a gorgeous brunette in a “café”and a marvellous Paris Métro exit in Art Nouveau style. The enclosed exit of Porte Dauphine station with the “Metropolitain” word really exists and it was designed by Hector Guimard in1899. … Continue reading

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Heather Houghton

Animals are always a great inspiration to artists. Heather Houghton knows that and creates the most adorable paintings and illustrations with them. On her portfolio there are several super coloured and cute paintings with dogs, some with cats and even … Continue reading

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Doktor A

The site of Doktor A is full of his fantastic creations: pretty paintings of little men with pointy hats, paintings and illustrations and cute (odd) little fellows called Poddies, dark sculptures of fairies, clowns and creatures, digital illustrations of aliens … Continue reading

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Jenny Bird Alcantara

Jenny Bird Alcantara recreates, through her paintings, the dark side of fairy tales. Her whimsical paintings and inks reminds me a cross between Ray Caesar, Mark Ryden and the Grimm’s Fairy Tales with influences of surrealism: marvellous and creepy. Her … Continue reading

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Illuminating the Renaissance

Illuminating the Renaissance The Triumph of Flemish Manuscript Painting in Europe. Featuring more than 130 works of art, this exhibition focuses on the finest and most ambitiously illuminated books produced in Flanders (parts of present day Belgium and France) between … Continue reading

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Art Face Off

Art Face Off is a new social site for artists upload their works describing and adding tags, and it’s also a competition, where the visitors vote for the best of two works. Winners move on to the next level of … Continue reading

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Guido Daniele

The Czech born artist Guido Daniele makes wonderful body paint works. Since 1986 he has been working and improving his personal usage of airbrush: he paints back-stages in different sizes (the biggest ones can be 400 square metres) for artistic … Continue reading

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