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Oh so.. Whiskas origami ads

The Whiskas® product line Oh so… was released with a brilliant campaign created by the agency TBWA London. The print ads for Oh so… products are beautifuly clean, composed by coloured infinite backgrounds and origamis of each variety of food: … Continue reading

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Won Park Origami

Wikipedia says: Paper money from various countries are also popular to create origami with, called “Moneygami”. It is common to create the figure depicted on the note itself. But the first time I heard about Money Origami I had no … Continue reading

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Doblando Papeles

Doblando Papeles is a fantastic new papercraft blog, or I must say origami blog. Created by Miguel, a Spanish that lives in Barcelona, the blog has beautiful creations with paper. There are “just” with the images of his last creations, … Continue reading

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Origami Underground

Origami Underground s the place to find erotic origami on the web. All folding diagrams are free, but don’t expect much from them. They aren’t the cutest or the more detailed models you will see, but they can give you … Continue reading

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Papercraft stuff

Haunted Paper Toys has fun paper toys created Ray O’Bannon to you print and fold. The toys include a hearse playset, coffin gift boxes (with occupants), a little cemetery, several unusual board games, a gloomy little haunted house, a rusty … Continue reading

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Last Supper Collection

Last Supper Collection: 17 versions including origamis, LEGO, Chinese students and Mao. To see the Star Wars version click here. (via IWR)

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Star Wars links

Last week was a great week for new Star Wars links. I posted some links related with it before here, here, here and here, but there are some new that I collected these days, just in case you had lost … Continue reading

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Robotic origami folding

I think I found something to help me with my fantastic ability with origamis: Robotic origami folding – a machine to fold simple origami. There are two videos that show how the robot folds a hat and an airplane. Now … Continue reading

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Money Origami

One more amuse way to spend money: Money Origami. Folding paper money (or “money origami”) is my one true creative output. Some nice models but I don’t know if they will work so good with Reais. (via MAKE)

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The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster

Darth Vader has as blog: The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster. The posts are very curious, but my favourite part are the links. Some great links founded there: The Star Wars Collectors Archive, Star Wars Origami, Welcome to Star … Continue reading

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