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Mr Potato Head and his fellow Louis, the octopus

That’s my favourite cephalopod fellow of last week: Louis, the Giant Pacific Octopus. Louis, as any octopus, gets bored, and since the he isn’t on his natural habitat, the guys from the Blue Reef Aquarium found a way to keep … Continue reading

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Devout Dolls

The talented Sara Lanzillotta makes fantastic handmade dolls, creatures and monsters. Her site Devout Dolls presents a huge collection of her creations: Dolls of the Silver Screen, aliens, fairies, octopus, Siamese twin dolls, little strange creatures, witches, two headed kitties, … Continue reading

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The Tale of How

The Blackheart Gang presents a fantastic short-story about an old octopus with a tree in his back: The Tale of How. It’s a marvellous animation, that also has dodos. (via Suzanne G.) PS.: the video has almost 70MB.If it’s too … Continue reading

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Octopus blog

A Live Journal community about Octopus and their relationship with humans. Octopus, pictures, photos, Hentai, news, illustrations, biology, science and many images with tentacles in a bizarre way, a kind of “octopus-porn”. (via The Crime in your Coffee)

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More Japanese TV commercials

The terebi session over the The octopus dropkick site has a very nice collection of Japanese TV commercials. An amuse selection of videos. If you like cats don’t miss the kawaii Kuroneko. (via we make money not art)

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Comics, pulp and sci-fi books

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Unintentionally sexual comic book covers: The artists who created these covers probably never meant for them to to be used as spank fodder, but being the mean-spirited, immature, asshole that I am, I’ve decided to do the only thing that … Continue reading

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