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Best Wild Animal Photos of 2008

Last month the National Geographic announced the 7 Best Wild Animal Photos of 2008 which is organized by the Natural History Museum of London and BBC Wildlife Magazine. The black-crested macaque photo you see was the winner in the category … Continue reading

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Mr Potato Head and his fellow Louis, the octopus

That’s my favourite cephalopod fellow of last week: Louis, the Giant Pacific Octopus. Louis, as any octopus, gets bored, and since the he isn’t on his natural habitat, the guys from the Blue Reef Aquarium found a way to keep … Continue reading

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The Grim Reaper Cat

I grew up picturing death as the Grim Reaper, the skeletal figure carrying a large scythe. Even though I studied in catholic schools, I’ve never believed their philosophy that death is an angel of God and there is a better … Continue reading

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News: 04/01/2007

Hi guys, I hope you are having a loving night – or day. I selected some interesting news about internet and technology to blog in this amusing day. Let’s go to the latest news. – Astronomy Picture of the Day … Continue reading

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New leopard species discovered

Big cats you didn’t know, from BBC News: Island leopard deemed new species. Clouded leopards found on Sumatra and Borneo represent a new species, research by genetic scientists and the conservation group WWF indicates. Supporting evidence came from examination of … Continue reading

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2006 Darwin Awards

It’s always a pleasure discover the winners of The Darwin Awards and see how far stupidity can go. Have no idea of what is? Let me introduce you to this unusual “contest” with the Wikipedia definition: A Darwin Award is … Continue reading

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Chocolate may boost brain power

Come chocolates, pequena; Come chocolates! Olha que não há mais metafísica no mundo senão chocolates. Excerpt from “Tabacaria” by Fernando Pessoa 76 years ago, Pessoa was already right: eat chocolates! A new study says that Chocolate may boost brain power … Continue reading

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Blue lobster

How many times in your life did you see a blue lobster? According to the Gulf of Maine Institute, a blue lobster occurs once in every 3 to 4 million lobsters. This is the first time I saw one, so … Continue reading

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Google Video Web-based Uploader

FINALLY! Google announced that now there is a web-based uploader. That means that if you have videos with less than 100MB you don’t need to use the uploader anymore. I was thinking that something like this would be great for … Continue reading

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Good News? Bad News?

Hi, I’m back. Let’s start with the good news. Well, the first one is that I’m back, believe or not I’m. The other good news is: I have many new links to post. And, while I wasn’t blogging I was … Continue reading

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