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Buttered cat paradox

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The Five Things Tag

Michelle, from Tiny Bubbles, passed a meme to me a week ago. Before I procrastinate even more, here are my answers. What were you doing ten years ago? Hum… let me think… I was studying (fazendo cursinho) to get in … Continue reading

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Best Blonde Joke Ever

I’m usually against jokes about blondes, but this is the best blonde joke ever! Yes, indeed…

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Top 10 memes of the last 10 years

Top 10 Web fads, the Internet phenomena, the most popular memes of the last 10 years by CNET. They are: Hampsterdance, Mahir, All your Base are Belong to Us, Dancing Baby, Hot or Not, Friendster, Ellen Feiss, Star Wars Kid, … Continue reading

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Mais um meme sobre cinema: Cinema é a maior diversão

Mais um meme sobre cinema, mas esse é o óltimo (pelo menos não me passaram mais nenhum). Quem me passou mais este meme foi o João do Nababu e cá estão as minhas respostas: 1. Qual o seu filme favorito? … Continue reading

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Meme cinematográfico?

Com quase um mês de atraso cá estou eu para responder o meme passado pelo Jorge do o zombie comeu o meu blog. Primeiro peço mil desculpas e já confesso: sim eu procrastino. Hoje resolvi que devia responder, nem que … Continue reading

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Flickr Badge

I have to confess: I love memes! And this Flickr Badge. On that group, that is growing very quickly, there are some instructions about how to create your badge and post it. As Kevin said, it is a a very … Continue reading

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All your base are belong to us

All your base are belong to us – do you remember of this silly meme? It’s almost a classic, but if you never heard about it try Wikipedia article. There you will find more related links, like Zero Wing Rhapsody … Continue reading

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Contagious Media Showdown

Prepare your new good meme and go sign up to Contagious Media Showdown before April 30th: Announcing the world’s first Contagious Media Showdown. Do you have what it takes to corral enough traffic to win the cash prizes? Can you … Continue reading

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Literary Meme

A new meme, I like memes. Well, I got this Literary Meme passed on to me by Sebastian at the wonderful PCL LinkDump. Thanks so much for think of me when you passed on this meme. As you I spend … Continue reading

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