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Happy Bloomsday!

Happy Bloomsday Everybody! From the beginning. If you have no idea of what it is, fix it reading this article. Ok, now follow some of my suggestions to Bloomsday of last year. If you never read Ulysses and you are … Continue reading

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Happy Groundhog Day

Hey, I almost forgot that today is Groundhog Day! Do I need to say Happy Groundhog Day? I don’t know, we don’t celebrate this here, I just think that groundhogs are cute. I remember that the first time I’ve heard … Continue reading

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Google Fight

Did you like of Google Battle? Try Google Fight. The principle is the same: a fight between to word to see with more has more links listed at Google, plus an animation (default) of the battle and suggestions of fights. … Continue reading

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Christmas Linkdump II

And here is the second part of Christmas Linkdump: Games Christmas Greetings 2005: Brat Invasion. The brats are set to pilfer the presents from under the Christmas tree. You need to stop them! An adorable and instructive game, if you … Continue reading

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One more cat person

Some links about cats, all via Cynical-C because now Chris is a cat-person and he couldn’t resist and posted a Friday Cat Blogging. CitiKitty – Complete Cat Toilet Training Kit. Toilet Train Your Cat & Throw Your Litter Box Away! … Continue reading

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SuperBlog: Fairy Tales

SuperBlog: Fairy Tales: links and more links about fairy tales. I thought about post some of cool links that The Daily Pick posted, but i’ts not a short list and they have comments, so it’s better you check all of … Continue reading

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Egyptian and French Posters

Matt, from Rashomon, found an “old” link on PCL LinkDump with Egyptian Posters, Egyptian Films. It’s a very cool gallery of posters, but the are more, much more on the homepage. Vintage and news posters from Poland, Argentina, Spain, Yugoslavia, … Continue reading

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50 Coolest Websites 2005

The TIME magazine made a list of 50 Coolest Websites 2005. Not my favourites, but at least the choices are good. The categories are: Arts & Entertainment; Blogs; Lifestyle, Health & Hobbies; News & Information and Shopping. On the blogs … Continue reading

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O encontro de blogueiros na Vila Madalena

Eu tenho alguns bons dons que cultivo e parece que procrastinar é um deles. Não que eu me orgulhe ou me esforce para mantê-lo é algo natural, que simplesmente acontece. Por exemplo, no sábado fui a um maravilhoso encontro de … Continue reading

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