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On Tummie-Design you will find the super cute portfolio of Tummie with illustrations, toys and animations, her shop with lovely bags and wallets with monsters (cute monsters I may say), and some very pretty things she made to download, including … Continue reading

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Honda Zoomer

Japanese products are so much more cute. Even the commercials are kawaii. The Honda Zoomer spot shows what I’m saying. It’s an extremely well done 3D animation produced by Le pivot and directed by Takéo Hatai to the Honda motorcycle … Continue reading

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Wayward Catgirls

Wilde Home for Wayward Catgirls anime fan site. I don’t know if this is kawaii, funny or just weird, but with a gallery of tastefully nude catgirls I couldn’t resist to post it. Is that cat porn? Anyway, if you … Continue reading

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Cute bento boxes

Sushi Pictures is one more of those sites that I had to post before. The page doesn’t have pictures of sushi as the title says, but pictures of bento boxes with smiley food. Those how know Japanese can reproduce the … Continue reading

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Makoto Muramatsu

Warning: if you don’t like cats or cute illustrations leave this post now. Now back to the post. The Japanese artist Makoto Muramatsu makes super cute images of cats (many kitties) and other animals with a lovely and silly expression. … Continue reading

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Japanese variety condoms

This rakuten online shop sells variety condoms with kawaii illustrations on the box that are parodies of Japanese food, like koala cookies (I love the “real” koala cookies with chocolate). (via the odk)

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Jolanda Olie

Jolanda Olie makes super cute paintings (kawaii) and darkness. She says about her work: I want to make art like candy, sugarly sweet with this sense of hypersentimentality. My girls are serial killers in their raggy hearts.

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Chameko-Do: this Japanese artist has a lovely work of illustration. Kawaii. (via IWR)

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The Japanese artist Mari-Chan has a super cute site, full of lovely things. Illustrations, tons of original charaters and stuff to buy. Thake a look also on her special pages Ikenie and her page about sound. (via male.dei)

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Hanpanda is that cute and weird plush character, half panda half some other animal. The hanpanda is a creation of the Japanese artist Nagi Noda. All the handpan are very cute, specially the Kangaroopan with the baby kangaroo in the … Continue reading

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