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Ikiru on-line

Akira Kurosawa’s Ikiru, also knwon as To Live, is on-line at Google Video with English subtitles and it has also already been posted at Videos with Bibi. This film, as other Japanese films made before 1953, is in the public … Continue reading

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Cozy Tomato / Koji Tomoto

Koji Tomoto, aka Cozy Tomato, is a very talented Japanese artist. He makes beautiful colourful works for books, magazines, editorial, advertising, publishing and he creates characters too. His illustrations are full of cuteness and happiness, it’s impossible to resist to … Continue reading

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Cool Toys for Grown-ups

Lisa Katayama says: Who says toys are for kids? In Japan, we believe that everyone — including our parents and grandparents — should have playthings too. I totally agree with her and emphatasy that I didn’t won any of those … Continue reading

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Museum of Fantastic Specimens

The Museum of Fantastic Specimens is is an on-line collection of creatures “curated” by Hajime Emoto. All of the creatures showcased in the museum are sculpted from paper, modelling paste and bamboo. The whole site is in Japanese, with a … Continue reading

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Rashomon in Public Domain

Some people said the best film in public domain available at Internet Archive is Fritz Lang’s M (M – Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder). I don’t know, I love the Einsenstein’s masterpiece Battleship Potemkin (Bronenosets Potyomkin). And now there is … Continue reading

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Ultraman 80

I’m not sure why I will post this. The excuse that I gave to myself was that I needed to exorcise the demons of my childhood, including the 1980’s Japanese TV shows with superheroes doing funny choreographies, and Ultraman is … Continue reading

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Posters of Japanese Labor and Social Movement

OISR.ORG Poster Exhibition: Images of Japanese Labor and Social Movement in the Post-1945 Japan, is a great on-line exhibition by the Ohara Institute for Social Research. Hundreds of vintage posters of confederations, industry federations and enterprise unions, Mayday and youths, … Continue reading

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Tetra Pak Animation

The Taiwanese site of Tetra Pak has a super cute animation for TV campaign with its mascot: an adorable green box called Le Le Pak. The site by itself is lovely, with many small gifts, like wallpapers (I got one), … Continue reading

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Japan Body Painting Museum

Janbopai Museum is a web site devoted to the body paint art in Japan, with many pictures of original works, images of body painting steps, works for magazines, links, foruns, information about body painting and wallpapers. Since very few Japanese … Continue reading

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Godzilla Conquers the Globe

In 2004 The Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture made a very interesting exhibition about Godzilla. Godzilla Conquers the Globe: Japanese Movie Monsters in International Film Art, has images of posters, lobby cards, theatre programs, press books, illustrations by Utagawa … Continue reading

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