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Vintage Vespa Images

There was a very nice with vintage ads and images of Vespa, so much loved by the Italian, but the site disappeared. Then I found a gallery at flickr, that is blocked now. That’s why I’m glad for Found in … Continue reading

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Maurizio Savini

The Italian artist Maurizio Savini makes amazing sculptures with fibreglass and pink chewing gum. Mario Codognato wrote about his work: The sensual act of chewing, the voluptuous warmth of rebelling saliva, the artificial and secretly aseptic fragrance which spreads from … Continue reading

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The Italian Food Collection

The agency Cayenne Italia produced a brilliant campaign for Italian Instituto per il Commercio Estero (Institute for the Promotion of Foreign Trade) highlighting two remarkable Italian products, known for their excellent quality: food and fashion. The campaign “The Italian Food … Continue reading

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Italian Movie Posters

The Flickr user Gerry D. is a film enthusiast and it seems he has special interest in the Italian cinema. What makes me think about are his Flickr sets. On his set Italian movies he shares 556 vintage images posters, … Continue reading

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Michelangelo Antonioni: 1912 – 2007

Bergman yesterday and now Michelangelo Antonioni. What the hell is going on? If I believe in god, heaven and all those things I would say that God created a cinema studio in the sky and is hiring the best directors … Continue reading

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Mondo Urania

Published by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore since October 10, 1952, the Italian magazine Urania is the longest life science fiction series published in Italy. The site Mondo Urania has an amazing collection with tons of Urania covers, resumes and and its … Continue reading

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La Linea

La Linea is a fantastic example that good cartoons can use a clean style. La Linea is an Italian cartoon series created in 1972 by Osvaldo Cavandoli. The cartoon features a man walking on an infinite line. The man himself … Continue reading

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Finnish Fumetti

If you like fumetti and you don’t care that they are in Finnish, follow the great tip of Curt and go to this page. Each archive to download has the complete comic book, but I’m not sure if all are … Continue reading

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Giallo In Italia

The Crime in your Coffee posted an awesome post about Gialli, a kind of Italian pulp books. Giallo (yellow) is also how some Italian terror films of masters like Mario Bava Web Page and Dario Argento, because of the influence … Continue reading

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Curt from The Groovy Age of Horror explains the difference of Lucifera and Vampirella on this post with images of Lucifera covers and more images. He also suggests this Lucifera (heroine of Italian adult “fumetti” of the seventies) dedicated site. … Continue reading

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