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Wikipedia and Wikitravel

The Wikipedia main page displays some curious articles today: George Washington the inventor, the independence day of San Serriffe and it announced that editors will be charged in order to edit (screenshot). Wikitravel (screenshot) also points to unusual places, like … Continue reading

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Gmail Paper and Google TiSP

Wow, Google announced two new services today. Google TiSP, a free in-home wireless broadband service, and Gmail Paper. At the Official Google Blog there is a brief note about Google TiSP, also called “Project Teaspoon”. A Press Release of it … Continue reading

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Mashup Reader

For many times I said to Chris, from Cynical-C Blog, to change the layout of his blog, because it looks too much a guy’s blog. He never gave much attention to my words and kept the guy-not-coloured-layout. Maybe the problem … Continue reading

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News: 04/01/2007

Hi guys, I hope you are having a loving night – or day. I selected some interesting news about internet and technology to blog in this amusing day. Let’s go to the latest news. – Astronomy Picture of the Day … Continue reading

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Photographing Squirrels

Taking advantage of the super curiosity of squirrels, Scott Alan Johnson created Photographing Squirrels: a series of pictures of squirrels with cameras, just because they couldn’t resist to check what was that. Those photogenic creatures are also at the Flickr … Continue reading

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Tilt-shift miniature fakes

My friend Adriano is an addict. The good part is that he has taken the first step and recognized that he has a problem. He promised he will try to stop making Tilt-shift miniature fakes all the time.And since he … Continue reading

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Buttered cat paradox

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WNYC’s Amy Sedaris Craft Challenge

This irresistible picture was the winner of the WNYC’s Amy Sedaris Craft Challenge. The rule was very simple: make food come alive with googly eyes! There are several great (and funny) shots among the 196 photos submitted to the group … Continue reading

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Art Face Off

Art Face Off is a new social site for artists upload their works describing and adding tags, and it’s also a competition, where the visitors vote for the best of two works. Winners move on to the next level of … Continue reading

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Create Your Own Planets

Did you ever think about have your own planet? Now you can Create Your Own Planets with a little help of that Flickr group and this tutorial. The group pool has wonderful examples of what kind of planet you can … Continue reading

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