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KJFG No. 5

During the month of July I had some great days enjoying the Anima Mundi, the 16th International Animation Festival of Brazil. I watched several short animations and three animated feature films. If you ask me about them, I’m going to … Continue reading

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The Spanish blog Recortables shares papercraft models with political criticism, created by Sento Llobell, comics illustrator, and Toni Vaca, “speciallist on wasting time“. There are papercraft caricatures of George W. Bush – El Carnicero Global, the king of Spain Juan … Continue reading

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No Quarter

The animated short film No Quarter it’s a light-hearted comedic view on the devastating consequences of overwhelming greed. The animation, by Mike Trent, was created as his conclusion project for 3D Animation program at Vancouver Film School. I enjoyed very … Continue reading

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Savage Chickens

Doug Savage is known for his humorous cartoons Savage Chickens drawn on post-its. The Savage Chickens is daily cartoon with an acid humour, and for your enjoyment has a feed available. And I must say that just now I’ve got … Continue reading

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Musicotherapie is a funny schizophrenic French animation presenting the director of a mental institute neurotic with all kind of noises. To make it worse, the insane patients start to compose a music with noises and fuss in the kitchen. This … Continue reading

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Monkey Suicide

After the Bunny Suicides, comes the Monkey Suicide. It’s present with those words: This site is all about monkeys. In sticky situations… That’s true. I would also said it’s about monkey toys and black humour, the one I like. Until … Continue reading

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De Düva

There are directors that like to say that remakes are homages. My experience shows that those “homages” are a way to spoil the memory of a good film, in general. A few cases are exceptions. Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht and … Continue reading

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Is 4 a.m. the new midnight?

There are posts that need a special moment to be written. This is one of those: that’s the moment.The last video uploaded at TED is a hilarious presentation by the storyteller, writer and slam poet Rives called “Is 4 a.m. … Continue reading

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Beatsploitation in Kookie

It seems there are exploitation materials for all kind of areas: blaxploitation, sexploitation, nazi exploitation and now Beatsploitation. The Beatniks, the stereotypes of the Beat Generation, were the inspiration for the comic book Kookie, published by Dell Comics. Kookie herself … Continue reading

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Alberto Montt

The Chilean artist Alberto Montt has talent, intelligence and sense of humour. His daily blog has beautiful humorous cartoons. But, to fully enjoy part of his fantastic work, you must know a bit of Spanish. More of his illustrations at … Continue reading

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