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Chinese Political Cartoons

Ethan Persoff has a new neat gallery with 35 Anti-U.S. Chinese Political Cartoons, circa 1958-1960. Culled and restored from reviewing hundreds of Eastern newspaper pages and illustrations, this set of 35 images represents what we consider the best late 50s … Continue reading

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Ohio Cartoonists

During the summer and early fall of 2003 The Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library featured the exhibition Ohio Cartoonists – A Bicentennial Celebration shown in the Philip Sills Exhibit Hall of the William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library, The Ohio … Continue reading

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Flickr announces The Commons

Flickr Blog announced The Commons: a pilot project created in partnership with The Library of Congress.The Library team contributed choosing around 1500 photos from their most popular collections to share on Flickr. The result is presented in two incredible photosets: … Continue reading

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Morning Sun

Morning Sun: a film and a website about Cultural Revolution. A very interesting site with full of information of the Cultural Revolution and its changes in the Chinese culture, with articles, photographs, posters, paintings, artwork, artifacts, audio, badges, videos, suggestions … Continue reading

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Triumph of the Will

Thanks to politics of Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s, and the Nazi dislike for independent thought, Germany lost a huge number of intellectuals, artists and scientists to other countries, specially the U.S.. In cinema, the list of directors, actors … Continue reading

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Comics Before Comics

The on-line exhibition from the Bibliotèque nationale de France Comics Before Comics (La BD avant la BD) presents precious panorama of the comics beginning. The visual travel begins with the ancient illustrated bibles made for Kings and the aristocracy’s books, … Continue reading

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Women of Our Time

A fabulous exhibition: Women of Our Time – photographs of some of twentieth-century America’s famous and influential women. Even without big pictures, the site is very interesting covering those influential women of many different areas: photographers, writers, actresses, poets, athletes, … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day: 2007

I would like to congratulate all the women for our International Women’s Day. I won’t write any manifesto or any protest about the injuries that we are still suffering, all the prejudice and violence that keep happening against us. I … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Linkdump

For all of you that celebrate… a happy Valentine’s Day. I won’t celebrate, but that isn’t an excuse to not blog about it – it never was. And that’s why I made a selection of links to all the romantic … Continue reading

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Women Physicians: 1850s – 1970s

Women Physicians: 1850s – 1970s. This interesting collection contains thousands of visual registries divided in five areas: the early years of the college; student life, academic life and student culture; racial and ethnic diversity among women physicians; missionary and public … Continue reading

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