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Hans Fischerkoesen

While most of directors who stayed in Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s were working with the Nazi State and doing propaganda films, like Triumph of the Will, there are also few examples of those that were subverting those rules … Continue reading

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Triumph of the Will

Thanks to politics of Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s, and the Nazi dislike for independent thought, Germany lost a huge number of intellectuals, artists and scientists to other countries, specially the U.S.. In cinema, the list of directors, actors … Continue reading

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Frank Buchwald

The German artist Frank Buchwald creates amazing lamps. His stunning “machine lights” look like a piece from Metropolis, a crossing of vintage and a futuristic style. He has been working on light objects since 2002: For me, the idea of … Continue reading

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Comics in Deutschland

Comics in Deutschland talks about the beginning of the mass marketing of comics in Germany that were characterized by naivety in the middle of the fifties, according to the Google translator. There are examples of American comics with German covers … Continue reading

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Expressionist Films’ Party

Now you can make your own German Expressionist Film party with the videos in public domain available at Archive, thanks to K-otic (be careful with the shoutbox pop-up). The last addition was Faust, the F. W. Murnau‘s masterpiece based on … Continue reading

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Kircher’s Cat Piano

In the 17th century a German Jesuit scholar called Athanasius Kircher made a Cat Piano. The invention was described in the book Musurgia Universalis published in two volumes in Rome in 1650. In order to raise the spirits of an … Continue reading

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“Metropolis” in the Internet Archive

I knew it! Sooner or later someone was going to do that; someone was going to upload Metropolis to the Internet Archive. Yes, someone did it. Thank you! If it doesn’t work for you, or if you prefer other formats … Continue reading

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Der Gigant an der Ruhr and L’Illustration

Ralf, The Cartoonist, posted some great illustrations and pictures on his Flickr sets. Check the pictures from the German book Der Gigant an der Ruhr (1928) and illustrations from the French magazine L’Ilustration (1898 – 1899). Thanks Ralf!

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Kurt Stüber’s Online Library

Kurt Stüber’s Online Library – A collection of historic and modern biology books. More than 100 complete scanned books from agriculture to zoology to help students of biology and teachers in learning and research, but I’m there for the illustrations. … Continue reading

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Caligari on Internet Archive

My dream is coming true! One more wonderful expressionist film on Internet Archive: Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari). This splendid film is now it’s free and totally legal to download! Sorry for all the exclamation … Continue reading

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