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Brian Dettmer

Brian Dettmer is the artist behind the wonderful carved into the z-axis of a book above. He transforms those old books in art, as dioramas. More of his art works at Haydeé Rovirosa Gallery, Toomey Tourel and Aron Packer Gallery. … Continue reading

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Underwater Sculptures

If you think a sculpture is the result of the material used, the process and the artists technique and style, add a new items to this list: the acting of environment and time on it. The Underwater Sculpture Gallery shows … Continue reading

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Children’s Book Illustrators Gallery

It’s Sunday and most of you have the whole day free, so I will try to keep you busy with Children’s Book Illustrators Gallery. The amazing gallery contains more than 2000 scanned images of vintage children’s books, the “Golden Age … Continue reading

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Odd Music

Odd Music is home to unique, odd, ethnic, experimental and unusual musical instruments and resources. Explore their gallery with pictures, descriptions and sound clips of those weird instruments.Thanks to that site I discovered a better use for beer, at least … Continue reading

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Gallery of images from historic children’s books

Gallery of images from historic children’s books: from the 1760’s book A little pretty pocket-book intended for the instruction and amusement of little Master Tommy… to the 1881’s book Clever cats. The gallery could it be bigger and it could … Continue reading

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Turning the pages

The The British Library is doing an excellent work in a project called Turning the Pages™. Turning the Pages is the award-winning interactive program that allows museums and libraries to give members of the public access to precious books while … Continue reading

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Gallery of Vintage Mandobabes

Do you have any fetish for women with Mandolins? The Gallery of Vintage Mandobabes proves that some people have, or had, this fetish. Mandolin Cafe has move vintage images between 1900 and 1920 of mandolins in postcards, not exactly related … Continue reading

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Comic Book Bondage Cover

Comic Book Bondage Cover of the Day is a huge gallery of what it say:covers of comics books with bondage. Not only for fetishists, it’s a paradise for comics fans too. Covers of Batman, Avengers, Aquaman, Action Comics, Cat Woman, … Continue reading

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To Audrey Jr.

Galleria Carnivora: in homage of my new baby, Audrey Jr., a super cute Venus Flytrap. Galleria Carnivora is a museum dedicated to the fine art of carnivorous plant photography. There are so many beautiful species that made me wish to … Continue reading

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World Press Photo: Winners Gallery 2006

A must see site: Winners Gallery 2006 of World Press Photo of the Year. The gallery presents 65 incredible images of photojournalism. The winner of World Press Photo of the Year 2005 was the Canadian photographer Finbarr O’Reilly, taken in … Continue reading

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