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Book shelves with a bench by Stanislav Katz

If I had space and money, I would love to have one of those book shelves with a bench, designed by Stanislav Katz. And in the case of having both, and the oportunity to buy it, I would change the … Continue reading

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Moppel LED Lights

What I most appreciate in designers nowadays is that they learnt a lesson: design don’t need to be pretty and unusual only; they have to have something else. like looking funny, and they have to be functional. The neat Moppel … Continue reading

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Friday Cat Furniture

Friday is allowed to post about cats: funny pictures, animations and other curious stuff. And big pictures of cats, and nothing more, for a huge group of cat lovers. I never planned to post big pictures of cats and nothing … Continue reading

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This Into That

This Into That offers functional art furniture, primarily book shelves on any theme: funniest, book cases, book shelves, among many other shelves made with books and also little reading chairs. All this incredible work of transform books in book shelves … Continue reading

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Frank Buchwald

The German artist Frank Buchwald creates amazing lamps. His stunning “machine lights” look like a piece from Metropolis, a crossing of vintage and a futuristic style. He has been working on light objects since 2002: For me, the idea of … Continue reading

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The Italian company Nobody & Co designed the Bibliochaise, an armchairlibrary for who likes to be immersed in deep reading. It contains 5 linear metres of books and thanks to a special fitting structure is easily disassembled. It doesn’t look … Continue reading

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Bike Furniture Design

Bike Furniture Design is a design and manufacturing studio specializing in contemporary, modern furniture made primarily from recycled steel and aluminum bicycle rims, handlebars, and frames. They have tables, chairs, barstools, accessories, benches and other more seating furniture. (via Por … Continue reading

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Tape Lamps

Nowadays I can’t find a better use to audio cassette tapes than those tape lamps by Transparent House. Transparent House creates a tribute to an object of their 80’s youth: the compact cassette tape. The lamps are made with transparent … Continue reading

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Sexy Furniture

Sexy Furniture furniture-sculpture-art and sculptures by Mario Philippona. My passion for wood and the form of woman have lead to this sculpted sexy furniture. I’m not so sure if it’s sexy, I think it’s more kitsch. (via Jaf Project)

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Valentines Book of Styles: a better use for furniture

There is a Brazilian furniture store called Tok & Stok that sells products with a clean and nice design. Matt Hutson points to a web interface that they developed called Valentines Book of Styles. Probably they made for our Valentine’s … Continue reading

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