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Bed Jump Blog

There are so many things that you need to share: the Bed Jump, aka – Hotel Bed Jumping blog is one. It’s easy to image the subject by the photo above: hotels guests jumping on beds. The blog was a … Continue reading

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No Quarter

The animated short film No Quarter it’s a light-hearted comedic view on the devastating consequences of overwhelming greed. The animation, by Mike Trent, was created as his conclusion project for 3D Animation program at Vancouver Film School. I enjoyed very … Continue reading

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Talk Like a Pirate Day 2007

Once more it’s time to celebrate the International Talk Like a Pirate Day. And I will do it on my way, sharing links, since I don’t have any pirate costume. Catster and Dogster users are also participating of this special … Continue reading

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Musicotherapie is a funny schizophrenic French animation presenting the director of a mental institute neurotic with all kind of noises. To make it worse, the insane patients start to compose a music with noises and fuss in the kitchen. This … Continue reading

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Christian Right Propaganda Posters

Ignore the ads, and enjoy these hilarious Christian Right Propaganda Posters: How the Christian Right Might Promote their Agenda, Beliefs, About site. Can you read the title without laughing at it? Sorry if I offend anyone, but I do have … Continue reading

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A suggestion of blog to subscribe: Gribouillblog, the illustration blog of Marie Margo. The posts, with pretty illustrations and cartoon sequences, about events and quotidian situations, are quite funny. But some French is required.

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Monkey Suicide

After the Bunny Suicides, comes the Monkey Suicide. It’s present with those words: This site is all about monkeys. In sticky situations… That’s true. I would also said it’s about monkey toys and black humour, the one I like. Until … Continue reading

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Dylan Message Generator

To release the album Dylan: His Greatest Hits, a brilliant marketing idea was created: making a site with a Dylan message generator. You can go to the site and create a video message in up to “ten cards” to share … Continue reading

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De Düva

There are directors that like to say that remakes are homages. My experience shows that those “homages” are a way to spoil the memory of a good film, in general. A few cases are exceptions. Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht and … Continue reading

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Comics with Problems

After the comics about heroin abuse and the Grenada Comic Book, the Ethan Persoff site now presents the not intentional funny Comics with Problems. “Pick a problem” and start reading to get the message. There are sad stories of unborn … Continue reading

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