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KJFG No. 5

During the month of July I had some great days enjoying the Anima Mundi, the 16th International Animation Festival of Brazil. I watched several short animations and three animated feature films. If you ask me about them, I’m going to … Continue reading

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Bed Jump Blog

There are so many things that you need to share: the Bed Jump, aka – Hotel Bed Jumping blog is one. It’s easy to image the subject by the photo above: hotels guests jumping on beds. The blog was a … Continue reading

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Playing With Food

The adorable taro root mice bellow were created by Jimmy Zhang, a chef and produce artist in San Francisco. The image is part of The New York Times‘ slideshow Playing With Food, which also includes more images of food turned … Continue reading

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Understanding art for geeks

Paul, the wine guy, presents his Flickr set Understanding art for geeks. My first impression was a big shock, and I asked to my buttons: what the hell? After three of four images, my artsy side went to walk and … Continue reading

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Game Over Project

GAME OVER is a brilliant video performance project created by the Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond, using stop-motion (pixelation) technique to visually reproduce classic arcade games, pixel by pixel. It consists of a series of collaborative animation movies which revive some … Continue reading

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The Spanish blog Recortables shares papercraft models with political criticism, created by Sento Llobell, comics illustrator, and Toni Vaca, “speciallist on wasting time“. There are papercraft caricatures of George W. Bush – El Carnicero Global, the king of Spain Juan … Continue reading

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Savage Chickens

Doug Savage is known for his humorous cartoons Savage Chickens drawn on post-its. The Savage Chickens is daily cartoon with an acid humour, and for your enjoyment has a feed available. And I must say that just now I’ve got … Continue reading

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404 Not Found

How pretty or cool is the not found page of your blog / site? I’m ashamed of the layout of 404 pages of my blogs: they are boring normal. I wanted some funny image, as the several images collected by … Continue reading

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Is 4 a.m. the new midnight?

There are posts that need a special moment to be written. This is one of those: that’s the moment.The last video uploaded at TED is a hilarious presentation by the storyteller, writer and slam poet Rives called “Is 4 a.m. … Continue reading

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April Fool’s 2007

It’s Sunday – a not blogging day, almost lunch time and I’m tired, just because I had been blogging since yesterday. I’m going to have a break to sleep, and maybe enjoy the rest of this sunny day. However, I … Continue reading

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