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Valentine’s Day Linkdump

For all of you that celebrate… a happy Valentine’s Day. I won’t celebrate, but that isn’t an excuse to not blog about it – it never was. And that’s why I made a selection of links to all the romantic … Continue reading

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1930’s Books of Love

Think Geek is famous for sell cool stuff for geek, however, find 1930’s Books of Love there sounds odd to me. Maybe I’m wrong, but nowadays geeks don’t need of that kind of how to books, there is internet! It … Continue reading

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Bill Plympton’s how-to short-films

For many years I watched MTV and its strange animated spots. I didn’t know that the responsible for most of those works was Bill Plympton. I discovered the bizarre world of his animations after watch Mutant Aliens in 2001. He … Continue reading

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French Stuff

A collection of links of vintage French design in postcards, posters and publications. Affiche Francaise: French original vintage posters. Many beautiful images divided per categories: movies, drinks, food, products, entertainment, travels, cycles, cars, sport, airplanes and miscellaneous. (via Martin Klasch) … Continue reading

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French Kiss

I always thought that French Kiss is a funny expression for a passionate kiss. Wikipedia says that French kiss (or tongue kiss) is a romantic or sexual kiss in which one participant’s tongue touches the other’s lips or tongue and … Continue reading

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Sex vocabulary

Ok, let’s talk about sex on this blog. First, here is a list with The Absolute Bottom 50 Euphemisms for Doin’ It. So it’s better you never use expressions like Making Puppies, Docking the Hovercraft or Dancing the Llama with … Continue reading

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