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Bento Yum

Bento Yum is an adorable food blog about Bentos. Most of entries are composed by pretty images of Abigail’s Bentos and the what’s on them, with descriptions. There are also recipes, tips and information of where you can find Bento … Continue reading

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Counting sheep cake

I present to you the cake of my dreams, a Counting sheep cake made by Andea from Fancy Food and her husband. To made your own, just like that, you just need to bake two cakes, have a lot of … Continue reading

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Cuisine Sandwich

Cuisine Sandwich is French “gallery of sandwich” and the site of sandwich contest. Any “sandwich artist” is allowed to submit the photos of their creations. Unfortunately there are some people cheating – I saw some stolen images submitted. The prizes … Continue reading

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Oh so.. Whiskas origami ads

The Whiskas® product line Oh so… was released with a brilliant campaign created by the agency TBWA London. The print ads for Oh so… products are beautifuly clean, composed by coloured infinite backgrounds and origamis of each variety of food: … Continue reading

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Lesia Chernish

My idea of starting a new day on the right foot is to start it with pretty or funny images, since images have a powerful effect (of happiness) on me. i-delicious, the portfolio of Lesia Chernish, has everything to do … Continue reading

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Ten greatest alcohol icons of all time

I propose a toast to this post with a cup of red dry wine (my favourite drink: long live to the alcoholic drinks! Here is an amusing article from Modern Drunkard Magazine even for those that don’t drink: Ten greatest … Continue reading

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Suck My Bic

People have phases in life. I had a phase of destroy pencils biting them, until broken them. I stopped doing that moving to another bad habit: biting pens. I used to destroy the pen caps with an impressive speed, specially … Continue reading

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Make your own Dalek

From time to time this blog receives visits of people searching for Daleks. Those incredible extraterrestrial mutant creatures from Doctor Who series are much more popular that I imagined. The first time I made a post about the Daleks I … Continue reading

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Food is art

According to Food is art, the sculptor Prudence Emma Staite can create artwork in any food substance. Her portfolio presents some neat creations with chocolate: sculptures, games (including jenga), jewellery, paintings, and even life-sized chocolate rooms. You can guess where … Continue reading

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Cooking Cute

The Japanese have an incredible talent to transform everything in something cute. From illustrations to condoms, passing through packages and “plush food“. Everything can be kawaii in their hands. That’s why a bento site called Cooking Cute isn’t a surprise. … Continue reading

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