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Wrigley’s Extra Commercials

Joining humour and attractive images has been very used in the last product campaigns. If you make the public smile you won some points, that’s probably the idea. The agency DDB Sydney used this strategy to the last year’s campaign … Continue reading

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Playing With Food

The adorable taro root mice bellow were created by Jimmy Zhang, a chef and produce artist in San Francisco. The image is part of The New York Times‘ slideshow Playing With Food, which also includes more images of food turned … Continue reading

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Maurizio Savini

The Italian artist Maurizio Savini makes amazing sculptures with fibreglass and pink chewing gum. Mario Codognato wrote about his work: The sensual act of chewing, the voluptuous warmth of rebelling saliva, the artificial and secretly aseptic fragrance which spreads from … Continue reading

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Lunch in a Box

Some mothers are better than others, I mean, when the issue is kids’ lunch box. Biggie, from Lunch in a Box: Building a Better Bento, is one of those dedicated, talented and with a lot patience, mothers and wives, in … Continue reading

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Nicole Gastonguay

Nicole Gastonguay is a graphic designer, however, she has another talent: crochet. She makes marvellous (and super cute) crochet toys. And for toys I want to say adorable crochet food and animals. It’s impossible not love her smiling creations with … Continue reading

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Carl Warner

The photographer Carl Warner has a gorgeous portfolio with still life pictures, pictures of locations, cars, nature, sports, people and animals. But I wasn’t there for those images, and they worth a visit. I was interested on his visually delicious … Continue reading

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The site e-??????????? (e-obento) documents the beautiful daily bento and other lovely food creations of a Japanese mother. Each has a brief story and a list of ingredients. Some of them have grades for nutrition, design, speed and saving. All … Continue reading

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There’s Something In The Water

There’s Something In The Water is a blog, and part of a clever campaign to promote V Water, an English flavoured water with vitamins. The themes keep calm and don’t stress are emphasize in the cheerful animated film created for … Continue reading

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The Italian Food Collection

The agency Cayenne Italia produced a brilliant campaign for Italian Instituto per il Commercio Estero (Institute for the Promotion of Foreign Trade) highlighting two remarkable Italian products, known for their excellent quality: food and fashion. The campaign “The Italian Food … Continue reading

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The Taste of Color

The Taste of Color is a neat photographic study by the Swedish professional food photographer Björn Lindberg. Take a look at the pictures and try to image of what kind of food each one has. You will be surprise by … Continue reading

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