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Christmas Linkdump 2006

Finally, the most loved day of the year (for some) arrived: Christmas Eve. Is everything ready for this night? The tree? Food? Gifts? Cookies for Santa? Your Christmas spirit? Well, I hope that everything is fine. Nevertheless, if you need … Continue reading

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Happy Groundhog Day

Hey, I almost forgot that today is Groundhog Day! Do I need to say Happy Groundhog Day? I don’t know, we don’t celebrate this here, I just think that groundhogs are cute. I remember that the first time I’ve heard … Continue reading

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World AIDS Day

Just to remember you that today is World AIDS Day. World AIDS Day 2005 is about wearing the Red Ribbon as a sign of support for people living with HIV and a symbol of hope for the future. We want … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m not American, but I’m a polite girl (most of the time) and need/ want to wish happy Thanksgiving to my readers. So: Happy Thanksgiving I have some links about it too people that know what it is, for people … Continue reading

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Cow Parade

Tem uma vaca na minha cidade! Uma não, várias, e elas são lindinhas. Finalmente chega a São Paulo a versão do evento / instalação / exposição itinerante que já percorreu mais de 24 cidades ao redor do mundo, entre elas … Continue reading

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Let’s dance!

International Dance Day (World Dance Day) has been celebrated on April 29 through promotion by the International Dance Council (CID), an umbrella organization within UNESCO for all kinds of dance. So do your part: get up for that chair and … Continue reading

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I want to wish a wonderful Easter to everybody. Many chocolate eggs for everybody! Easter links: Russian Easter postcards. Easter egg by Wikipedia. Origin of Easter Eggs. (via Exclamation Mark) Easter related images on New York Public Library. Links with … Continue reading

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Red Nose day 2005

Red Nose Day Red Nose Day is the main way in which Comic Relief raises money. It is held in the spring every other year and is often treated as a semi-holiday, with, for example, schools having non-uniform days. […] … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day

It’s a little late, but it’s not too late to say: congratulations to us for the International Women’s Day! We deserve more love, respect, nice words, equality in relationships, jobs, and in society and this day is just a way … Continue reading

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“Girls’day”. Today is Hinamatsuri in Japan. Why am I saying this? Because those dools are cool. Some few more things about it here, here, here and here.

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