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Friday Sex Blogging?

There is Illustration Friday, Photo Friday, Science Friday, Friday Ark and the classic Friday Cat Blogging. So why not a Friday Sex Blogging? Ok, this is just an idea, or an excuse to put all the links about sex and … Continue reading

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Pin-ups and Burlesque Dancers

Fluffgirl Burlesque Society The Fluffgirl Burlesque Society is an organization that specializes in, but is not limited to, the revival of Burlesque. Burlesque was and is an inexpensive form of entertainment, otherwise known as the poor man’s follies. Sprung in … Continue reading

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Pulp covers and bad covers books

Judge A Book… by its Cover: cool collection of bad covers images. Here you will find hard-boiled detectives, scantily-clad floozies, unlikely space-ships, grotesque aliens, bizarre religious images, beatnik shockers, hell’s angels, skinheads, barbarian heroes, and horrifying monsters… among others. The … Continue reading

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