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How to Save the World

Every new year people do their predictions: doing more exercises, eating more healthy food, visiting new places, being more kind with other people, and many other things like that. In my personal, and mental, predictions list I also listed things … Continue reading

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Underwater Sculptures

If you think a sculpture is the result of the material used, the process and the artists technique and style, add a new items to this list: the acting of environment and time on it. The Underwater Sculpture Gallery shows … Continue reading

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New leopard species discovered

Big cats you didn’t know, from BBC News: Island leopard deemed new species. Clouded leopards found on Sumatra and Borneo represent a new species, research by genetic scientists and the conservation group WWF indicates. Supporting evidence came from examination of … Continue reading

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Global Warming

One of the good films that I saw in the last few weeks was the documentary about global warming An Inconvenient Truth presented by Al Gore. As a film, it has nothing special, but as a documentary, it is a … Continue reading

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I already knew that humans suck, but I found more proves of it: Humans!. It is a brilliant short animation directed by Three Legged Legs™, a Los Angeles based animation & directing collective. ( via Drawn!)

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2005 Was Hot

I didn’t like of the news: 2005 was the warmest year on record. It doesn’t sound good to me. “Recent warming coincides with rapid growth of human-made greenhouse gases,” says James Hansen, who led the study. And the warming seen … Continue reading

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