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Devout Dolls

The talented Sara Lanzillotta makes fantastic handmade dolls, creatures and monsters. Her site Devout Dolls presents a huge collection of her creations: Dolls of the Silver Screen, aliens, fairies, octopus, Siamese twin dolls, little strange creatures, witches, two headed kitties, … Continue reading

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Kentucky Ventriloquism Museum Photos

Sometimes I’m not sure why I blog some things. This is a good example: Terror Tour 2007, an appropriate name, is a set on Flickr with photos of Kentuck Ventriloquism Museum. That’s the kind of place I won’t visit in … Continue reading

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Jenny Bird Alcantara

Jenny Bird Alcantara recreates, through her paintings, the dark side of fairy tales. Her whimsical paintings and inks reminds me a cross between Ray Caesar, Mark Ryden and the Grimm’s Fairy Tales with influences of surrealism: marvellous and creepy. Her … Continue reading

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Hey Little Girl

Do you have an old doll that need to be restored? Or do you want to customize your doll? Firstly : keep her away from me. Secondly, visit Heyl Little Girl. The site shows the work of Yatabazah and Leonidas … Continue reading

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Shary Boyle

” Shary Boyle makes drawing with watercolours, paintings, illustrations, projections and incredible mutating sculptures of fine porcelain lace-draping with china paint. After saw her sculptures of Siamese sisters, a decapitated woman carrying her own head and the spider-woman above I … Continue reading

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Marina Bychkova

I usually don’t like of dolls, specially the porcelain dolls. Even not being a fan of the I must link to the amazing works of Marina Bychkova. Her porcelain and polymer clay dolls are beautifully detailed and anatomically correct. Yes, … Continue reading

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Japanese Dolls on the Western

Japanese Dolls on the Western Toyshelf: The “Jap Doll” – Ningyô on the Western Toyshelf 1850-1940. An impressive collection with illustrations and references that suggest the place of the Japanese doll in the minds of American and European children, and … Continue reading

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The talented Japanese artist Mizna has a very nice work of illustration, from kawaii girls to horror illustrations. She loves horror comics from childhood, that explains why there are many works with this theme, even when they are cute, like … Continue reading

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Martha Sue Harris

The artist Martha Sue Harris makes a very nice work with paper and sculpture. Her gallery of works includes Monsterdolls!, dark dollhouse drawings, flabber nathy All Lucrid Tales and, the best session, Botanica Beluosa. Botanica Beluosa is an epic soft … Continue reading

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Japanese dolls

Talent Japanese artists that make beautiful and scary (for me) bisque dolls with different styles: Atobe Sizuku – Gothic dolls; Hizuki – dolls that look like little girls; Sumire Obata – delicate and angelic dolls. Take a look to on … Continue reading

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