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The Top 10 Creepiest Fast Food Mascots

I’m not a fan of fast food. My weakness, and it’s not really a real one, are French fries, that is what makes me go to Mac Donald’s four times per year. It’s just a question of taste (or the … Continue reading

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Blond Silk Curtains

Maybe it’s just me, but those creepy curtains makes me shiver in a not a good way: These wonderfully whimsical silk curtains with printed BLOND hair come to us from the very playful designer Nicolette Brunklaus out of Amsterdam. They’re … Continue reading

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Hey Little Girl

Do you have an old doll that need to be restored? Or do you want to customize your doll? Firstly : keep her away from me. Secondly, visit Heyl Little Girl. The site shows the work of Yatabazah and Leonidas … Continue reading

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The talented Japanese artist Mizna has a very nice work of illustration, from kawaii girls to horror illustrations. She loves horror comics from childhood, that explains why there are many works with this theme, even when they are cute, like … Continue reading

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Dolls and creepy dolls

Kelly Haigh: Living Dolls Gallery. Pictures of dolls posing like people and some of them have a strange look. (via Rashomon) I don’t like dolls: they are usually creepy, specially vintage porcelain dolls – the worst. I found the proof … Continue reading

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The Cat with Hands

The Cat With Hands: a video of a terrifying tale of cat pretty cat with hands. The video format is quicktime.

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Eeire Publications

Eerie Publications Cover Gallery from the horror comics Weird, Terror Tales, Horror Tales, Tales from the Tomb, Tales of Voodoo, Witches and more. Very curious cover art. And don’t forget the links for some of the stories. (via Mark)

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